Sunrise in Cholula dVerse Open Link #89

On this spring morning
a rivulet of smiles
forms fineness,
like flowers blooming a garden,
purity’s whisper held
in heart’s hope,
tilting gently toward lightness.

Her arms extended
with heavenward
palms, she watches
those bending
at her rose-stained robe;
counting prayers,
a mountain view
crests the sun.


20 responses to “Sunrise in Cholula dVerse Open Link #89

  1. I loved feels steeped in purity.

  2. Oh that rose-stained robe.. I love it.

  3. nice…beautiful visuals in this….love the f alliteration early on in this as well….very visual and easy to see….the robe and prayers at the end add another element to this as well…

  4. Great imagery in this, lovely write.

  5. It’s like I was there. Beautiful.

  6. Beautifully visual. Stunning poem!

  7. You paint such a detailed picture that I can almost believe I was there to see the sunrise.

  8. Lovely specially the last stanza, of rose-stained robe ~

  9. beautiful, i could envision it all 🙂

  10. Such a beautiful poem you’ve created here…i felt this poem with hope and understanding. 🙂

    P.S please check out my new blog poem. Inputs are most appreciated. 🙂
    Dj Dead Cow -

  11. this sounds like a beautiful morning…love all the images…can’t wait until spring makes it over here as well

  12. Good morning Pamela,
    the lady seems to courtesy gently to the sun.
    Such a crystalization of dawn and promise.

  13. Seems all prayers are answered in this one, what a beautiful overall image! Lovely Pamela 🙂

  14. Excellent imagery in this. Beautiful.

  15. You have created a beautiful scene with your words, Pamela. I can see her with her arms extended…….

  16. ’tilting gently toward lightness’ is ALL i can hope for : pamela 🙂

  17. There is a certain freedom in this that makes me wish I were her and could fly. And I guess prayer is a way of doing that.

  18. Very beautiful work, crafted with depth and an Oriental sensibility – it seemed to me…
    Loved it, Pamela.

  19. A “rivulet of smiles” made me smile and the poem held its own including the final word. Paints a very vivid picture.

  20. Hi Pam – I echo all of the comments – beautiful imagery and cadence, thanks. k.

I appreciate all comments.

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