“Perspective” Napowrimo day #3

Anxiety suns the soil
this year where found flowers
don’t abound, as I listen to them
talk about the harvest and
lack of yellow jackets.

"Farmers" by Shorpy

“Farmers” by Shorpy

Miz Quickly's day #3

Miz Quickly’s day #3


25 responses to ““Perspective” Napowrimo day #3

  1. Crop success or failure can mean life or death for some…

  2. Mine might be longer, but yours is brilliantly written and true to the photo. Well done.

  3. While I’ve lived through some drought restrictions…it is still hard for me to fathom places who are for years, almost a whole generation without – water from the sky.

  4. A wonderfully thought-through poem.

  5. nice write, pamela.
    I like where you took yellow. 🙂

  6. Loved this one, Pamela! A very intelligent dog. 🙂
    “Anxiety suns the soil” is wonderful.

  7. Your poem is economic and bare so well suits the photo and the images you created. That bit of color almost gets lost in the bleak terrain. Thanks for stopping by my site. Yours wasn’t up yet when I grabbed the lines, wish it had been,


  8. I agree with the bareness of the images & the subject. Sad, but good.

  9. We need the bees! We need the bees!

  10. we all play together in this cycle…where there are no flower, no bees…i wonder what else there will be none of soon enough you know….quite evocative for so short a verse….

  11. So true, this planet holds us all here, Brian.

  12. I like the slice of life-ness of the poem, the snippet. Works beautifully.

  13. ‘Them’ not a problem. My brain did a bare hitch and moved on, so it got it. I tried out a few possibilities, after you asked, and I like ‘them’ the best.

    • I tried other possibilities also, but none worked. Since it’s written from the perspective of the doggy. I am on my way to see your remixes yesterday’s and today’s. Meanwhile, I am trying to decide how to approach Miz Quickly’s “work” prompt. Maybe a cento? or not… Thanks again.

  14. Wonderful poem, also the Marquez ine

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