“Desert Parish” Napowrimo #5 Sound

Across the badlands
I’ve made amends where
Spanish apple’s sweetness
untangles and settles the soul.

Within a wonder of strapless
flowers blooms a leprous field
like a necklace caressing the skin.

Miz Quickly's day #4

Miz Quickly’s day #4


17 responses to ““Desert Parish” Napowrimo #5 Sound

  1. Thanks for looking for me, Pamela! I appreciate your loyalty!

    This poem is truly wonderful, but then, I like everything you write. So many beautiful images in just a few lines. I’ve never heard of a spanish apple, but it sounds so romantic and flamboyant, much more so than a regular apple. 🙂

    • We are in this together, no Marianne? I don’t know of any Spanish apples in this area, but they do exist in other parts of Mexico. Thanks.

  2. leprous is an unusual word to find in a poetic verse…but I can clearly see your description. All the S and C (soft and hard) and the K in skin make this fun to read out loud.

    Thank you for your visit.

    • Jules, I started with the phrase “leprous garden” and cut garden. Then as I was writing this, I thought that sometimes the desert is so spotted in certain regions, it could in fact be somewhat leprous looking. I questioned it myself, but decided to go with it, because of the words–strapless and necklace. I am not sure if any of this made any sense at all, lol.

      • I think sometimes word play, with sounds helps to paint the picture. I can see the cracked desert floor and then a good rain, with a curve yarrow or ditch teaming with flowers like a jeweled necklace…so I think it worked quite well.

      • Oh, good. Then I am not so far out there, lol.

  3. I like the sounds you found to make this Pamela, it was well all that digging,


  4. I actually had lots of fun with this, but I wasted more time than I wanted too as well, lol. Thanks, Elizabeth.

  5. Beware the Badlands; you’ll not win,
    they shall not note your next of kin,
    the barren wasteland of all sin.
    Yet all of dust can fast begin
    in Black Hills, where life’s gold has lain.

    😉 E

  6. really a wonderful piece….the second stanza all the more…cool contrasts in it the flowers bloom leprous…if literal like leprous, if not like scales…strapless and necklace play well together as well…

  7. You are so damn good, Pamela. My stops here are always among the top reads of the day.
    “untangles and settles the soul”
    that’s what Len can do for me. Thank you.

  8. A great metaphor for how a little bit of anything can have such a big impact…

  9. Wow.
    (We have Spanish bayonets, but not–I think–apples)
    I really like the image I get from that last bit, but I keep wanting to tinker with it and pull leprous down to modify skin. Your phrase is better, of course.

  10. Could be leprous skin, I suppose, but the land sounded better 😉

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