Oft Lingering Napowrimo day #6 Song Title Scramble

As I stand on the stone of angelic retreat
reflecting in sermon’s respect,
a somnolent moment of drunk interlude
captivates worthless rejection.

She dances to me like some sad peter pan
in faded charade of a grim dance hall band
for a chance to retrieve nestled chastity
as sanctity falls from her lap.

Something to settle yet firmly inside,
I ignore what she says as she softly exhales —
this light-shattered maiden
of anywhere’s street bending
softly to blow out the light at my feet.

Respect: Otis Redding performed by Aretha Franklin
Drunk: Vic Chesnutt
She: Gram Parsons performed by Emmylou Harris
Sad Peter Pan: Vic Chesnutt
Something: George Harrison performed by The Beatles

Miz Quickly's day #6

Miz Quickly’s day #6


19 responses to “Oft Lingering Napowrimo day #6 Song Title Scramble

  1. nice…the second and third stanza are really tight…like them much..you set it up nice in the first but it really takes off at the intro of her..really cool texture you give to her…the dancing, blowing out the light at your feet…there is a bit of magic to it…smiles.

  2. I’m with Brian, especially on the second stanza. I’ll have to get “Sad Peter Pan” on ITunes. I remember there was a Rickie Lee song with a reference to her boyfriend at that time as her “sad-eyed Sinatra,” and I’m in love with such phrases. This is lovely, Pamelita; I’ll go to the NaPoWriMo site to get the complete prompt! Con abrazos, Amelita

  3. I join the chorus that stanza two rock and rolls but your word choice through out give this poem some nice bottom end.


  4. That could work well as a song in itself!

  5. I agree with Stan, and with everyone else about the second stanza, she really comes alive,


  6. While I am getting a musical education…I fear I still may not ever know more than a few of the songs referred too. There is a sing song quality to this piece that I enjoy. While there is more than a hint of sadness I think there also is a bit of hope even with the light blown out.

    Thanks for your visit.

  7. Jules, my taste in music is strange at times. Thanks.

  8. You have seamlessly blended in those song titles, Pamela! Love: “stone of angelic retreat.”

  9. Thanks Marianne, this is a third pass for me. I trashed the first two, lol.

  10. I’m joining the chorus praising the second stanza. You wove the titles beautifully into your words. Brava!

  11. I love the musicality of this, as others have said it is very singable. I don’t know any of the songs, but it’s me age, you know!

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