“Cuba” Napowrimo #8 Place

Trumpet vine bloom
beyond sugarcane fields,
pearl-flirting mornings line
suede beaches
where ginger lilies
sprinkle balconies
as spices float
firewater days
and nights.


11 responses to ““Cuba” Napowrimo #8 Place

  1. “suede beaches” & “firewater nights” – lovely.

  2. I like the sugarcane, firewater—-nice imagery

  3. Gorgeous imagery here, Pamela. I especially love “suede beaches!”

  4. Hello again!
    Sent you a FB friend request! It just occurred to me to look for you there!

  5. Skip a prompt any time for pieces like this.

    I think the old Websters weighs about (I thought it was 5 but just checked it’s) 10 pounds. 🙂

  6. Words are such a delight. You prove that over and over again. Thanks for being you, my friend,


  7. Deft strokes indeed.

  8. smiles…wonderful flow and layering of your descriptives in this pamela…firewater nights eh? smiles…really great textures and smells in this as well…

  9. Suede beaches is a perfect description. As Brian says…texture. I love the image.

  10. Your words evoke a wonderful atmosphere.

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