“Flight” Napowrimo #12 Play

She closes her eyes,
takes in a deep breath:
the final gesture;
balsam and iguana,
primeval intimacy
her first attempts —
the beginning
weight freed
an angel’s flight.

Process notes:
This was taken from the (insufferable) cento I wrote on day 4. I took parts of it and put it through, the text scrambler, cut up machine, and the sentence builder. I feel no closer to this, than I did on the first write, but at least it is shorter. Oh yeah, I changed it to present tense also.

Miz Quickly's day 12 Play

Miz Quickly’s day 12 Play


16 responses to ““Flight” Napowrimo #12 Play

  1. And yet, it works, sort of, don’t you think?

  2. I kinda like “the final gesture: balsam and iguana”.
    (centos, green eggs. I do like ham)

    • Yeah, me too, Barb. Centos, there is a talent in writing them definitely. Mine was a friggin’ novel, I don’t think that is the idea. Thanks.

  3. ha. i might need to put some poetry in a blender and see what i come up with…smiles….it is interesting…and this breaks into 3 sections nicely…fun to think how they interact with each other as well

  4. Clever ;girl, Pamela – you made something cohesive and coherent from all those textplay toys. I tried them and gave up in disgust at what they came up with!

    • Viv, when I first saw the prompt, I knew what I wanted to do. That cento had been plaguing me from the day I posted it. You should try again, eliminate words if that makes it work. I did and I changed the tense to present.

  5. I hope she doesn’t regret it…!

  6. I feel satisfied with some of the things I write, and completely at odds with others. This abridged version works VERY well. Amen! 🙂

  7. I know I read this earlier and really liked it. Thought I left a comment as well. Hope this one sticks,


  8. I keep going back to “balsam and iguana,” and I love it.

  9. As others, I also love the balsam and iguana, especially paired with primeval intimacy –

  10. A mystical quality. Shamanistic – ritualistic. I like it.

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