“Shamrock” Napowrimo day #13 Luck

I think someone threw her
in my yard, the gringa’s
love for street dogs had
become legendary.

So there she was, playing
with my cat; of course I took
her in, so small, so scared,
a trefoil growing in a field,
she danced like junipers filling
up spring.

Now, as I watch her trundle up
stairs, she sleeps days away,
drifting into Shamrock dreams.

Process notes:

Our dog of 11+ years is getting old, we are hoping for more years ahead. Her back legs are starting to give out, though she shows no visible pain. I hate seeing her get old. She also displays signs of senility much like a regression into puppyhood. She has been a wonderful friend.

Shamrock '11

Shamrock ’11

Miz Quickly's day 13 Luck

Miz Quickly’s day 13 Luck


19 responses to ““Shamrock” Napowrimo day #13 Luck

  1. Very sweet tribute to a faithful companion. So hard to see them get old and sleepy.

  2. smiles…very cool….glad you took her in…
    and its hard when they get older too…our cat we found in a
    woodpile…and had her 12-13 years before she passed
    her brother is young 18 months…i want to get a pups
    for my boys…

  3. This is lovely, Pamela – I have an aging beloved dog, too, and yeah, it’s incredibly hard. Their single failing is their short lifespan.

    My guy’s turning 12 this summer. Going blind slowly, arthritis worsening – but still a puppy in his heart. And still pretty beefcake for an old man!

  4. She lucked into your life, Pamela. It’s hard when they get here. sigh.

    • I feel like I am the lucky one, she has been a wonderful companion, Brenda. She had a good night last night. Her legs didn’t seem to bother her.

  5. Sad, but not sentimental. All pet loveers can relate to this.

  6. I’ve had several dogs, and still miss them. They leave their mark on heart and soul and that’s why we choose to love them,


  7. I hope your luck continues for a long time yet. Our lives are long, which makes many of these moments in the lives of our pets.

  8. Many more years ahead. Luck does sometimes find us – that is for sure and it is good, very very good.

  9. Pamela, we had a dog who looked just like Shamrock. She was a street dog in Jakarta. I liked the progression of your tale about her. Simple but says it all.

  10. Thanks, Margo. She is just a wonderful dog and I don’t want to see her in any kind of discomfort. She has been having a good couple of days and seems lively, so that is a good sign.

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