“Rows of Corn” The Sunday Whirl #104

Fear’s layers slip skeptical …

I relax long enough to breathe
saturate pleasure in
sighing circumstance.

Here moves evening’s
measured time – a slight trim of now
held by wayward


22 responses to ““Rows of Corn” The Sunday Whirl #104

  1. I adore everything about this one, Pamela! Title is spectacular, that first line is brilliant! And “a slight trim of now,” – awesome! Oh my, it’s all so good!

  2. nice…very cool…love the slip skeptical, measured time, sighing circumstance…they add an element of serenity even in their sound…and what a cool title…

  3. Love all the sssss sounds! Especially in these lines:
    saturate pleasure in
    sighing circumstance.

  4. magicalmysticalteacher

    I’m all for scarecrows of whatever nature, wayward or not!

    A Dozen Whirls

  5. Somehow I can only picture lovely scarecrows. Carefully constructed out of Uncle Jose’s overall’s and maybe grandfathers shirt and of course the iconic straw hat.

    Thank you for your visit to my wordle 🙂

  6. The rows of corn pulled me into the piece. And then I was able to saturate pleasure in sighing circumstance with you. Lovely lines.

  7. I like evening’s measured time. Interesting poem. I must remember that I don’t have to use all the words. Great job.

  8. Sabra, it is a rare occasion that I use all the words lately. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  9. The sibilance of the words was like the wind in the corn. Delightful.

  10. Beware the wayward scarecrows! A pleasure as always, Pamela.

  11. There’s not a line in this that doesn’t hit home, pamela–I love especially the closing, but the whole thing is full of sharp images. Living in the now is hard to do, but never fails to reward.

  12. Joy Ann, what a nice surprise to see you. Yes, living in the now sometimes takes work, doesn’t it?

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