“Umbrellas” Napowrimo day #15 Music

Fog suffers this gloomy lake
as lightning laces darkening valley,
raindrops scream in icy cries
yet I can’t see the rain.

Process notes:
This came from Miika Mettiainen’s short piano piece.

Miz Quickly's day 15 Music

Miz Quickly’s day 15 Music


15 responses to ““Umbrellas” Napowrimo day #15 Music

  1. I bet you could feel it though…!

  2. Of course you couldn’t feel it – you were indoors listening to music. The first line brings the reader up short, it’s so clever.

  3. Spectacular poem, Pamela! I loved every line.

  4. No waste here. And a zinger conclusion.

  5. I like it Pamela, sometimes short has a greater impact.


  6. I like it Pamela, and I love the rain.

  7. The last line works well because of its unexpectedness. Even a short poem can surprise. I like knowing this came from a musical piece. I can hear the music in the imagery.

  8. Margo, I have been wishing for a really good rain, it is so hot in the evenings right now. Very unusual for this time of year. I like to imagine the rain is hiding in the mountains.

  9. Wishing you some real rain.
    We’ve had just enough that all the trees that have budded are now opening into small leaves and starting to provide some shade.

I appreciate all comments.

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