“The Coin” Napowrimo day #17

In a breezeless portrait,
a god-like howl rises
in mantra;
trusted to another
not endowed,
an eagle scowls
spectacle as snakes
writhe in copper.

Miz Quickly's day 17 Found Object

Miz Quickly’s day 17
Found Object


10 responses to ““The Coin” Napowrimo day #17

  1. Wonderful description of a coin, Pamela! “Snakes
    writhe in copper” is perfection.

  2. Wonderful image Pamela, it is getting tired out, isn’t it?


  3. Pamelita, great poem. Yes, little copper coins need to go away now. They cost two cents apiece to make. I mean, really?! Well done. Amy

  4. Gorgeous! I used mantra in my piece today, too. Your rising howl is wonderful.

  5. I pick up all found coins and donate them to charity. That is when I get enough of them. Even the ones so old that they are ‘green’ with envy for being left to lay about.

  6. I have only this one coin, Jules. I doubt I should donate it.

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