“Wish You Were Here” Napowrimo day #19


Process notes: This pic was taken by me during “Day of the Dead” last year. It is part of a series of murals put up downtown by local artists during the celebration. Actually, I wrote the poem yesterday, and it fit Mz Quickly’s prompt. Gotta love it when that happens.

Mz Quickly's day 19 "Wish You Were Here"

Mz Quickly’s day 19
“Wish You Were Here”


16 responses to ““Wish You Were Here” Napowrimo day #19

  1. “LIKE” goes to photo, poem, and original artwork

  2. That is a big WOW from me.

  3. Desperately jumping in on today’s poems and trying to ignore the inbox!!!

    This was a great prompt. I have seen quite a variety of responses. Your poem on the picture looks like it’s supposed to be there. It’s so perfect.

    • Margo, I was amazed when I saw the prompt and how is coincided with what I had already written. Then it was only a matter of finding some “Day of the Dead” pics I had. Thanks.

  4. Yes Pamela, it works well, and sounds like a cool festival

  5. I love the way you set this up. Stark power in your words, showcased on that very eerie photograph. Well done!

  6. I attended a poetic celebration for the Day of The Dead, many years ago. We simply sat around and read poetry about love and loss. It was startling satisfying and the memories remain very vivid. I like your words and the art, Pamela.


    • I bet that was something, Elizabeth. I want so much to join a poetry group, however here it would have to be in Spanish, and I am not quite up to par for that. My Spanish is rudimentary. Thanks.

  7. This is so good, Pamela. Brava! All of it together is perfect.

  8. The last two lines capture me. I think of all the ghost stories told around campfires and think…yes…white eyes stare!

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