A Woman’s Season Napowrimo day #20

In June the rain falls from a woman’s soul,
running along her body to lay nude in the streets.
Life sustains weight and balance as people
find gods in ancient ruins where children
sail on paper boats, but happiness is never precise when
seeking another universe; it’s lifelong.
Nothing stays the same between September and April,
and friends always remember spring in winter.

Miz Quickly's day 20 Prose Poem

Miz Quickly’s day 20
Prose Poem


12 responses to “A Woman’s Season Napowrimo day #20

  1. Your first line is stunning, Pamela. Beautiful piece.

  2. How lovely, Pamela. I am in awe that at this point in April, you have such a poem in you! I really like it.


    • Margo, I have been simply writing whatever comes to mind every day, and then crossing fingers and toes, that I hope I can use some of it, somewhere. I have been somewhat lucky, and other times not so. And thanks so much.

  3. Love that first line, it grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. And like Margo, I’m amazed that you can create such a stunner, this late in April. And yet, if anyone could, it would be you.


  4. Oh yeah…! … and you don’t have to be a woman to have been there… …

  5. Sneaking a few minutes to check poems. Granddaughter Nora is getting into her jammies, with help from Gramps.

    I must add my voice to the others. 20 days into NaPo, you continue to write amazing poetry. Every line in this piece is perfection, Pamela!

  6. I think we are often to judgmental of our own writings. I think all of what you have shared this month has worked. And very well too. I really like that last line. ‘…friends always remember spring in winter’. – Over hot chocolate in front of a warm fire…perhaps.

  7. I am my own worst critic, Jules. There is so much really good writing out there, it is hard to be. If you what I mean.

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