“Against the Cold” Napowrimo day #21/The Sunday Whirl

Time’s love and sacred cats;
no-one thinks of slipping
between cold knowledge
into inaccessible night without boundaries.

Love’s past doors and corners,
it’s a promise sold at newsstands
where light seldom exists.

Shock’s the last window
giving your eyes to someone else
when you don’t exist.

A slow destruction of angels,
a struggle with sickness of street
premonition shelters us together
for the sunrise; where insects tap
the glass, thriving for love against the cold.


17 responses to ““Against the Cold” Napowrimo day #21/The Sunday Whirl

  1. Even though I don’t feel quite that cold, I’m still waiting for the sun to rise… and the insects…? Yeah… I hear you knocking…

  2. “… inaccessible night without boundaries.” strangely gives such a clear picture of the depth in this poem,, I also liked how it ends, “,,,thriving for love against the cold.”!!

  3. “thriving for love against the cold” is a line that will linger for a long time. Thank you for this poem 🙂

  4. I love this piece Pamela, and that you used the word “angel.” That word made the original wordle list this week, but when I was paring it down, it was one that I let go. Your last stanza is strong. Premonitions and insects tapping the glass…. Love this.

  5. Your last stanza is potent, Pamela, but then, there is a beauty and flow to the whole of the piece. You are holding up really well,


  6. It is hard to pinpoint my favourite line and image..each one lingered..in fact it was hard to leave the first line..i hear those insects tapping in every syllable..

  7. where insects tap the glass,
    thriving for love against the cold

    It more or less sums up everything. And I can very well imagine such realism. I can almost hear the tapping on the glass. Brilliant Pam!


  8. So many great lines in this poem, Pamela! I always feel inspired when I read your strong, true words.

  9. Like everyone else, those insects tapping caught my attention! I enjoyed the rest of the poem, too.

  10. ‘Giving your eyes to someone else when you don’t exist’, these words excite me, and the way your words move through time, how enlighten me.

    My Day Twenty-One

  11. Evocative writing Pamela, and insects tapping glass is just right.

  12. I woke up this morning in this sort of mood–where hope and dismay, life and death, love and evil all seem tangled up and difficult to separate, let alione deal with–your poem makes some excellent attempts at ordering these shadows, and balancing the dark with light.

    (ps. I have put you back on my blogroll so I can find you easier. The web is just getting to big for me some days)

  13. Oh I just love it 🙂 Simply perfect.

  14. I like the third stanza. Sometimes we only seem to exist in a very small circle and if you aren’t on the tabloids front page…you don’t exist.

    And yet when we exist for the most important people in our lives…The sun rises finding a place for everything.

  15. Shock’s the last window
    giving your eyes to someone else
    when you don’t exist.

    This stanza goes on growing, the more you think about it. Superb.

  16. Second stanza truly got to me. What a beautiful poem.

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