“Sleep” Napowrimo #23

When sleep touches us
we drift in pulsing night,
like the sea and its naked song,
like solitude’s remains,
telling light what to say,
falling in yesterday.

The body floats point to point
on waves with memories,
journeys, time and stars.

This is my arena —
a soul’s island,
a necklace of souls
beneath a shadow.


23 responses to ““Sleep” Napowrimo #23

  1. i find sleep rather fascinating…how the body relaxes and the mind on some level still on a journey…floating on waves with memories…i like

  2. yes as long as it focus on the good memories … sleep is good.

  3. a souls island…smiles…i like that…it is intriguing what we do in our sleep…esp when you start thinking of dreams as our minds spin onward as our bodies rest….or try to…

  4. I love thinking about the body floating on the waves with memories. Sounds like the ideal kind of sleep to me, Pamela.

  5. I had a night like this one not long ago…that lovely feeling of falling into the pulsing night…the quiet and solitude… a good nights sleep is priceless! Wonderful description!

  6. ‘a necklace of souls’…hmm, you always give me at least one line to carry with me for a time…

  7. So many beautiful images, Pamela! My favorites:
    “pulsing night, like the sea and its naked song” and “a necklace of souls beneath a shadow.” It’s a lovely notion. Looking forward to sleep tonight!
    Find me here: http://herwordsbloomed.blogspot.com/2013/04/2013-napowrimo-23-her-message-said.html

  8. This is lovely, specially the last verse ~ Have you ever experienced sleeping and leaving your body? I have before and it is quite an experience ~

  9. This is my arena —
    a soul’s island…lovely poem.

  10. The body floats point to point..sounds like an out of body experience. I have felt this in the dreamworld. I study dreams and dream works.

  11. I just love this, it so perfectly evokes what sleep entails… Love solitude ‘s remains….

  12. This is so mystical and lovely – especially the closing stanza which is incredibly original and beautiful.

  13. I think often that if I don’t remember dreaming then I haven’t slept. And yet there is that time when we are dreaming that we are somewhat paralyzed.
    The stranger dreams are dreams within dream, and realizing you are dreaming.

    Thank you for your visits. I just wrote the first stanza and hoped the repeats would fit. Guess my muse knew what to do without me 🙂 as sometimes when I write in the mornings, I am not quite fully awake.

  14. Pamela, “a soul’s island” is a touching description of the dream state. Lately (b/c of meds), I’ve been responding to folks in my dreams aloud. Then I wake up and fall back into the same dream!

    But yours are peaceful, restful. I like that, and I hope that occasionally you are allowed to fly! Paz, Amelita

  15. I rarely remember the dreams I have in my sleep. There is certainly something peaceful about sleep though; anyone who has watched a sleeping child will know exactly what you are describing with your words.

  16. Hi Pamela, what a wonderful poem! So many beautiful lines – these especially stand out for me as fresh and evocative:
    “we drift pulsing night, /like the sea and its naked song,”
    I also love this: “telling light what to say,”

  17. Gorgeous images here, pamela, and some word combinations that just soar–I especially like the last two lines, but also the way they fit in with all the rest, like a pendant on a graceful chain, giving focus.

  18. You nailed the ending Pamela! A necklace of souls…that is beautiful! Where do I get one?
    Mark Butkus

  19. Lovely Pamela; especially interesting to me now as I learn about sleep apnea and how one can slip away easily if not receiving enough oxygen while sleeping….’I love falling in yesterday’;)

  20. This is such a unique and beautiful expression of what happens when we are asleep.

  21. A beautiful evocation of the delights of sleep.

  22. Beautiful poem on sleep, Pamela.

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