Señorita on the Beach Napowrimo #24 Miz Quickly’s wordle

She’s a knot unwinding on silhouetted
seascape, waters deep inside beat
music in her bones.

When life’s boring
she looks for detours into mayhem;
with curved hips she swings
into cantinas on the shore.

She’s an aftermath in modest refrain,
a valve bursting love and song,
a wild palm waved by the storm, a transfer
from the normal to shocked and stacked.

Señoras treat her like an unwanted
guest, preferring to leave her on a
sacrificial slab, eyeing her furiously
with jealousy and disdain.

She laughs and shimmies,
knowing all the caballeros love her,
and tomorrow is never the same.

Miz Quickly's day 24

Miz Quickly’s day 24



17 responses to “Señorita on the Beach Napowrimo #24 Miz Quickly’s wordle

  1. Like they say… ‘If you’ve got it, flaunt it!’

  2. Muy bueno, Pamela! You wrote about a senorita … and I wrote about soft-boiled eggs. Go figure! Same wordle prompt!

  3. Marianne, Not sure where she came from, but the words reminded me of the coast here. I will be over to read your poem in a bit. Dear heavens this has been a grueling month. I hate whining and now I am doing that.

  4. She’s an aftermath in modest refrain,
    a valve bursting love and song,…nice…really like those 2 lines…and the wildness as well in your closing stanza…tomorrows are never the same, for sure…smiles.

  5. I love this. You should be grueled more often! I like it all, but the first stanza is the winner.


  6. You used valve”, I used valve” first, then believed it must be “value”. Your “valve” worked out much better.

  7. I used value and like both of your pieces far more than my own. Pamela, you are doing exceeding well by anyone’s standards. It just feels crazy, feelings aren’t facts, they are just the fine hair on the skin reaching for weather temperature so they’ll know what to wear. Breathe, my friend, just breathe. It really helps.


    • Thanks, my friend. I have never felt quite this way before is all. I am breathing, but seem to be forgetting silly things like: What day is it? I hope I don’t walk out of the house with mismatched shoes 🙂

  8. I love it! You are not crazy, just observant. Ha!

  9. Would never have guessed this had any involvement with a word list–a very spontaneous flow and a sway to the cadence that suits the topic. I can see her plainly (and the dagger-like stares of the older women, one of which would likely be me, were I there. ;_) )

  10. Joy Ann, I wasn’t going to use the wordle today, then in about 5 minutes I changed my mind. The piece simply flowed out of me. Thank you and I will be over to see what you have done. I keep forgetting to visit people, damn.

  11. ‘an aftermath in modest refrain’ – Perfect line.

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