“Out for Tamales” Napowrimo #26 Get Out of the House

Bougainvillea swathe walls over
stumbling sidewalks, where cacti
cradle chiffon pink blooms,
poinsettia cut back
for spring, burst and spread
in winter’s chill.

Buckets of tulips ride shoulders,
ten pesos a bundle, shaved coconuts
split for sweet milk drinks,
mangoes and papayas
tumble from crates.

A bouncing spaniel chases
the sun down this colourful
street as a tabby cat lazily watches.

Miz Quickly's day 26 Get out of the House

Miz Quickly’s day 26
Get out of the House

10 responses to ““Out for Tamales” Napowrimo #26 Get Out of the House

  1. my first time here and I am impressed…love the ‘bouganvillie swatthed’..’tumbling sidewalks’ and ‘tulips riding shoulders…
    all and more make a lovely poem 😉

  2. ..no, I’ve been here before 🙂

  3. Lovely descriptions. You’re making me homesick for Morelos!

  4. You paint the street feel well here pamela–I can see it–I remember the flower stalls and the vendors who walk with their goods…all the sense of worlds in motion, a time to savor.

  5. Live it, breathe it, love it… I hope you never have to miss it…

  6. Envy you all of it. It sounds fantastically beautiful and alive,


  7. Ahhh, beautiful, Pamela! So different, and exotic, from what I am used to here in the midwest. A true feast for the soul!

  8. nice pamela…i like your look on the peripheral world there in the end…including the other animals…wonderful visuals as well…i love all the nature…

  9. “where cacti
    cradle chiffon pink blooms,”

    This made me think of chiffon blouses barely covering those tulip carrying shoulders. Lovely.

  10. Love all the outdoor images in this, Pamela.

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