“School” Napowrimo #27 Shorpy Images

Paper’s sweet scent,
linen-lined books,
pencil flakes,
lead and wood,
learning within;
yearning words
fill the room,
knowledge soars,
hope lives.

Miz Quickly's day 27 Shorpy Images

Miz Quickly’s day 27
Shorpy Images


5 responses to ““School” Napowrimo #27 Shorpy Images

  1. Those desks really bring back the memories, pamela. And your poem with its scents and textures reminds me of how much I loved school–my sanctuary.

  2. Reminds me of adult classes that we used to have here for those deprived of the opportunity to go to school when young! Nicely Pam!


  3. The school room image set a nice tone, Pamelita. I do remember the smell of that large-ruled paper from first grade, the one that was so pulpy there were still little flecks of wood in it. Also, that aroma of crayons, and the gross flour-and-water paste for projects (we’d all scrape the stuff off under our desks! Blast from the past for me, brought back memories of writing whole pages of the letter “a.” I’m a proponent of that old style of learning to write, because today’s youth are atrocious writers. It’s a lost art.

    Brazos, Amelita

  4. Nice memories, Pamela! There is hope in a classroom, along with dreams, desire and ambition.

  5. We still have some one room school houses over here…Amish children mostly. I started out in over crowded classrooms where there wasn’t enough chairs or books to go around. There is always some sort of trade off – Education is a must though, however it is defined.

    Thank you for all your visits in April. It was a delightful month full of wonderful writers sharing.

    I’m not sure if I meant to or explained in a reply that I had the story about ‘Macy’ in my head for a few years, but hadn’t put it down until now. I’m not a good note maker. But I guess I remembered enough 🙂

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