“Feathers and Manes” Napowrimo day #29

The horses and birds
live in fabulous fields,
the gods are pleased;
looking from their altars
they create conversations
with angels, questions of
thunder and full moons;
while the wind illuminates
singing birds, feathers and
manes sweep the trees


5 responses to ““Feathers and Manes” Napowrimo day #29

  1. Love the imaginative use you make of language, my friend. You are always a pleasure to read. One more day and we can breathe again,


  2. questions of thunder and full moons…ha…that is magic pamela….love how all creation above and below play together in this…

  3. Another lovely poem to add to your April repertoire, Pamela! It has been a joy to follow your words this month. You always inspire me. I greatly appreciate your support and comments. Your bright spirit has made this journey infinitely better! Here’s to many more productive days of writing!

  4. I can feel the spirit of Mexico in between the lines–the feathered gods, and the conqueror’s maned horses. Simple and clean, and lovely, pamela.

  5. I’ve only had limited opportunity with horses. But I’ve got my wild birds…

    I did also mean to answer that I’d do another month with Miz Q anytime!

I appreciate all comments.

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