I’ll Try to Understand dVerse Open Link Night #94

This is the day I’ll leave words in
somewhat lyrical symmetry;
as I walk away with echoes in my pockets,
ink stains seep through the cloth.

This is the day I’ll teach
someone to tell me how they feel
in another language, though I rarely
understand them.

This is the day I am going to walk
through the yard counting
images and moments as
day ends while playing
catch with my dogs.


45 responses to “I’ll Try to Understand dVerse Open Link Night #94

  1. It’s bittersweet, isn’t it? April’s end. Now go play with your dog!

  2. “I walk away with echoes in my pockets” is a gorgeous line, Pamela! And here we are, at the finish line! Bravo, my friend, we made it!

  3. Congrats on making it through–beautiful write!

  4. walk with the echoes in my pocket…smiles…like that line pamela….now get out there and enjoy life a bit..i bet it inspires…smiles.

  5. I just finished playing catch with my dogs (taking advantage of an upswing in temps and a lull between rain showers). This was lovely. It’s amazing what can happen in a day if you are open to the endless possibilities.

  6. echoing the echoes… this is fantastic Pamela. Happy 30th!!

  7. This line really reaches out from the poem..nice.
    “as I walk away with echoes in my pockets”

  8. Aww so beautiful, I love this .

  9. I specially like the second verse ~ It is a special day ~ happy 30th poem to you as well ~

  10. ‘ echoes in my pockets,
    ink stains seep through the cloth.’…cool imagery, that. Great work. Have fun playing!

  11. Ahh, you deserve to play a bit and glad to know that you are doing that. I really like this poem and the feelings of release and ease that build throughout it. I like the same lines others have already mentioned. Like I said, my friend, you always find such delightful ways to say what you are seeing,


  12. beautiful. love the third stanza a lot!!

  13. Wonderful – is this your plan for the day after Napo?

  14. nice…playing catch with the dogs sounds fun..also the counting images and moments…also the stanza with the other language is cool

  15. echoes in my pockets is just a great line… and having time for the dogs is awesome.

  16. Lovely =- especially like ink stains in pockets! k.

  17. “as I walk away with echoes in my pockets”
    Nice turn of phrase. This piece is so zen, Pamela!

  18. Irene has offered us a challenge, on my empty space post from today. You up for it? Am thinking it’s time to let Anastasia be seen. What you think? Oh, and I still like this poem a lot.



    • I do like the idea, Elizabeth and it isn’t a poem a day, which will make it manageable. I am sure there is a character in me some where.

  19. Great work and I couldn’t help but giggle about the ink stains of the pockets. I think many of us had that experience often before the computer age.

  20. LOVE echoes in my pockets–and all the rest of the words coming out to play here. Congratulations, pamela. It’s been great having your company on this long trip through a never-ending April. ;_) I couldn’t even look at my blog yesterday! But better now.

  21. hey Pamela,

    as ever i’m hanging around the bar after hours 🙂

    these lines really opened me up somehow

    This is the day I’ll teach
    someone to tell me how they feel

    I hope you were successful 🙂

    • After hours is quite alright, Aaron. Yes, in fact I can teach them how to feel and in fact, I am teaching a couple students how the stock market works 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  22. This sums up that end-of-an-era feeling that so many napo-ers are feeling.
    But you express it in wonderful terms!

  23. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade)

    Sounds like a great day, in its own way. 🙂

  24. Wonderfully expressed ! keep writing ! 🙂

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