“Seeking Honey” dVerse Open Link #95

Adrift in aqueducts of
wandered breath,
eternal and lost
within trees, seeking honey
sacrament, a bee
placates and pollinates
a flaming flower’s whisper
waking women in spring
who wear golden flecks,
dove-faced waiting for rain’s intimacy,
calm-eyed, light bodies of love in the mystic,
delivered with ease on the breeze
when night leaves blackness
chiming, the sea sleeps
sallied and waved.


15 responses to ““Seeking Honey” dVerse Open Link #95

  1. Beautiful write Pamela–lush and vibrant!

  2. Excellent imagery in this. Nice one.

  3. Your words arouse one’s senses. Bravo Pamela!
    Mark Butkus

  4. Love the alliterations and the rhymes .. creating an altogether lovely image.

  5. This had such a hypnotic effect on me – lovely.

  6. nice progression in this pamela…from the flowers tot he women of spring…the bodies of love in the mystic…smiles…it flows wonderfully together…and your poetics def add to it along the way…

  7. Love the visuals in this, Pamela! Thinking of bees, you may want to check Poetry Jam later tonight…..tomorrow, as the topic to write on is BEES. Feel free to link.

  8. I see bees everywhere and pollen too ~

    I like the word play in these lines:

    sacrament, a bee
    placates and pollinates
    a flaming flower’s whisper

  9. I really enjoyed the opening lines of this one. Nice image throughout..

  10. Pamelita, this whole poem sang itself to me. The lines:
    a bee/ placates and pollinates/ a flaming flower’s whisper
    simply gorgeous. This is everyday life as seen through the eyes of a beautiful heart. Gracias, amiga, Amelita

  11. I’m still waiting for the bees – so few this year. The dandelions have all gone to seed so there must have been some around. Lovely poem.

  12. The alliterations and clever rhymes really carry this along, Pamela.

  13. Deliciously buzzes along, an enchanting write!

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