“Crushed Red Pepper” The Sunday Whirl #109

In chaotic consortium our conversation
hovers, opaque on an oil painting
nebulous as clouds that arrive
in the afternoon.

Timing’s breath waits for someone,
never stalling on dusty leaves
with no water to wash it away.

My vision resolves unseen,
the sun torches me,
burning, blazing,
leaving cruel conceit
without gentle touch.

Today is crushed red pepper cut
in lost solution’s bleakness,
abiding with hope somewhere,
though I cannot see it here.


18 responses to ““Crushed Red Pepper” The Sunday Whirl #109

  1. Sometimes those solutions are hard to find….yet they are somewhere, even when we cannot see it….

  2. The space between tension and exhaustion executed artfully. Tugged at just the right places. Enjoyed.

  3. Today is crushed red pepper cut
    in lost solution’s bleakness,
    abiding with hope somewhere,
    though I cannot see it here.

    Often is the case one sees not the woods for the forest. Modern living tends to put lots of pressures causing ‘blindness’ unwittingly on us. Nicely Pamelita!


  4. well-written…the atmosphere is thick.. love crushed red pepper cut.

  5. A rather bleak outlook. But an original take. I also like the “Crushed red pepper…”

  6. whew….tough day eh? the description, particularly in that last stanza the burn of the crushed pepper…unable to see a way through…intense emotion in that one…

  7. I love the descent of this poem (if that makes sense)..almost made me think of the burn of a black peppercorn..bitten in error..raising a silent tear..wonderful imagery and feeling..as ever..

  8. it is a bad day when hope is hiding

  9. Often we can’t see where and all we can do is hang on – Faith!
    A good write. 🙂

  10. Such a sad thing… when the opportunity to communicate is missed and ends in pain, the pain of red hot pepper….suggesting hot words exchanged! Nice take on the words!http://wabisabipoet.wordpress.com/2013/05/19/nebulous/

  11. Love how you pack so much detail into a simple list of words. As usual, your imagery is astounding and the flow is excellent. Emotional exhaustion is never easy to deal with, but you describe it better than well.


  12. There is such sadness here as though another relationship has failed. The crushed red pepper would certainly sting the eyes just like the realization that cruel conceit is no basis for love.

  13. Thanks for the comments. I will make it round to others this week.

  14. Love the allusion to red pepper being an agent affecting… the eyes? The heart, even? It stings, but it’s also a stimulant, an agitator. So it has its place in the pantheon of muses! Amelita

  15. A wonderfully lyrical poem, Pamela. Excellent in fact.

  16. Veronica Roth

    Crushed red pepper…that’s got to sting! Nicely done Pamela. 🙂

  17. That crushed red pepper cut burns…

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