“Lifting Branches” dVerse #97

On Sunday, peace rests in
rooster’s crow or a cat’s
paw lifting branches, like
a novel holding dog-eared love
at the bedside table.

Words stream fanciful
in vortex, where a child’s dialogue
speaks secrets in flying parrots
on colourful wings.

A song of unaligned magnitude
lives in me; I raise my hand to
meet my fingertips, where
the world waits for sleeping bodies
forming under the shade in
solitary daydream.


20 responses to ““Lifting Branches” dVerse #97

  1. Such a beautiful scene. nice one.

  2. I really liked the middle stanza and thought the whole piece was well written. Enjoyed reading this today.

  3. Hi Pamela–the last stanza just resonated with me–beautiful write!

  4. a song lives in me…i love that! this felt like an easy waking…as comfortable as that dog eared novel on the bedside table…smiles…lovely bit of day dream you came up with pamela…

  5. I specially like the restful scene of the opening stanza ~ a lovely share ~

  6. “Vewy intawesting”

  7. I love the image of dog-eared love in the novel on the bedside table. That’s going to stick with me for a while …

  8. Entirely wonderful poem, but I would have been happy with just the first stanza. It is complete unto itself, masterful.

  9. That’s a wonderful poem.

    Like it has a touch of magic. I really enjoyed this.

  10. Your second stanza is joyful. I love it.

  11. The first stanza so serene and beautiful. Love this, Pamela.

  12. This poem gives me a sense of peace, Pamela. Beautiful writing.

  13. What à wonderful peaceful sunday fredlig this has. Really enjoyed every line ..

  14. ah that sounds beautifully relaxed….Words stream fanciful
    in vortex…love the images you use to describe the feel..

  15. ..’like a novel holding dog-eared love at the bedside table..’ — loved it!

  16. Words stream fanciful in vortex… I am always captured by the complexity of words and the journey they take us on…thankyou

  17. Saw the poem & had to read it. Lovely! The wrods kept flowing into one another – glad I peeked!

  18. Yes, I feel your lingering in this beautiful poem. It felt contemplative to me.

  19. Hi Pamela, Admire this piece particularly – in close and sensitive observation, the longing and insight achieved here in palpable… In stanzas 1 & 3 I think you are reaching out to a new level… Keep on keeping on…
    Regards Scott http://www.scotthastie.com

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