“Where My Muse Lives” Margo Roby: Poem Tryouts: Your Muse and You

Rooftops in a city’s clamorous sky
fly in unlikely soliloquy,
red robin breast thrusts,
a bluebird stalks a cat,
wings, trees, Mother Mary laments.

A message in long distance shorthand
amongst plastic coil,
she wakes, finding real, unfathomed
last smile … sorrow lost,
shaken earth, fire-ashen,
burnt glass to walk upon.

Beach-waved, sunburnt sandy cold soul,
he rummages, eyes, hair, peeling possibilities,
mapping his moments.

Pigeons poised, pecking the market
colour’s vibrant vegetable; aubergine
and gold weave fruit in succulent seduction.

Desert-thorn scorpion madness
where ice falls salty, staining in search
for sense shifts of cohesion where my
muse lives.


6 responses to ““Where My Muse Lives” Margo Roby: Poem Tryouts: Your Muse and You

  1. Your muse is incredible! So colourful and vibrant.

  2. Takes us through many tales and varied lands. Provokes one to find out more. Nicely Pamelita!


  3. smiles…i like the last two stanzas…the pigeons in the market is rather peaceful to me…and sedcution alluring…then the scorpion, ice…makes for a nice contrast…

  4. I like the way this ends. Where your muse was taking us somewhat gently by the hand, the final stanza shows power.


  5. I have been drowning my muse lately. Poor muse. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you are well. xo

  6. Thanks you guys, I seem to be so rushed I don’t have time to comment back to each of you, but I appreciate you all reading and commenting.

I appreciate all comments.

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