“A Small Equation” The Sunday Whirl #111

In a vaulted memory I rarely visit,
the world winds the prairie
on nimble limbs.

Echoing day swirls, craving closure,
each continuous hall of chasm
secludes the soul from pain,
there’s no rapture greater
when not answering angst.

As the train passes by,
my throat’s clogged with
a Peter Pan reasoned rapt heart.

All seems a simple solution,
a small equation
of weeping angels
of icy inclines
of crying widows
of death’s fiery figures
to be erased.


9 responses to ““A Small Equation” The Sunday Whirl #111

  1. Darkness comes with this rarely visited memory. Strong write. This is painful and beautiful.

  2. whew…that last stanza, rather a cascade carries a lot of emotion…i am rather enamored with trains as well…and riding them…i jumped one once in college..it was the getting back off that was not much fun…smiles.

  3. Are we emptying the vault with this writing we do? Either way I think you have created a perfect place for weeping angels, icy inclines, and crying windows.

    So nice to be back writing a bit again. Thanks for stopping by. xo

  4. Your poem resonated with me and you captured my attention with the first line!

  5. Love the reference to Peter Pan; a really great connection.

  6. I guess there’s a reason we should leave a “vaulted memory” locked away until that “craving closure” makes us open the vault. I really like the reference to Peter Pan. Maybe a heart like that could make life easier, sometimes?

  7. Lots of vivid word pictures here, pamela, from the vaults of memory to the swirls, to Peter Pan’s ageless heart. I especially like the confident march to the final stanza, which seems both dark and wistful.

  8. Such an emotional write.

  9. magicalmysticalteacher

    Can weeping angels and fiery figures be erased easily? I wonder…

    A Whirl with Stanley Kunitz

I appreciate all comments.

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