“The Tower and The Wind” dVerse Open Link Night #99

When her sun sinks, swallowed by the dark
of hallucination, she’s a wind chime on
the porch, a crystal reflection on the sea,
blue and cool, tossing lassoes with dark
private tongue spoken in backrooms of
nocturnal ceremony.

Her love is confusion:
when he says it’s the night and it’s the eagle,
when she says it’s the tower and it’s the wind.

Time increases or decreases,
navigating through screams and
fog in the aura of her world.


23 responses to ““The Tower and The Wind” dVerse Open Link Night #99

  1. the screams and fo in the aura of her world…wondering how he manages to hold her when her mind spins in such different directions and seemingly away from his.. tightly penned

  2. Really love the 2 lines in the middle contrasting… and what a relationship gliding.. and a very clear rhythm … love it

  3. Great depth to this. Beautifully done.

  4. Such a strong emotional write–beautifully written

  5. nice…some really cool elements to this pamela…he as the wind chime was the first that caught me…the reflection…both rely on another for their life…the wind…and the sky….the middle section too her love as confusion for some reason struck a cord with me….nice…

  6. Her love is confusion:
    when he says it’s the night and it’s the eagle,
    when she says it’s the tower and it’s the wind…..great lines here. Beautiful.

  7. You have to wonder how two such divergent personalities manage to remain together.

  8. … the backrooms of nocturnal ceremony…I want to know more
    about what’s going on there!

  9. Love this, Pamela… especially the first 3 lines.

  10. Wonderful imagery.
    Great work.

  11. Love your use of the elements in this Pamela. Great piece.

  12. “she’s a wind chime on the porch”… love this
    deep and beautiful.

  13. I liked the opening line..nice poem with contrast..

  14. He says, she says–it’s tough when this leads to confusion. Nicely written, profound lines keep the mind at work. Excellent!

  15. I specially like the contrast in the stanza, of love is a confusion ~ Good one Pamela ~

  16. “So tell me why she’s runnin’ can the words convey
    When one says night and one says day
    No words left but these I pray
    There’s a little piece of heaven I’ll not betray”
    reminds me of Hendrix’s “Is this love or confusion”
    intriguing ending !! nice job Pamela !!

  17. Really loved this – may sound odd but loved the pronouns throughout – almost seemed like punctuations in the verses – K

  18. Beautifully done. That middle stanza is exquisite.

  19. How beautiful, Pamela. I love how you’ve fleshed out the wind in such apt images. We’ve had lots of wind this year and it does beg to be put into poetry, doesn’t it?

  20. hey Pamela
    the central stanza really swept me up and blew me off on the trip of it all 🙂

  21. I picture the ocean, in the full moon’s glow and light houses with this piece…

  22. …such brokenness in your poem today Pamela… her grief is palpable… the images you priduced in the first part are outstanding… i especially liked: she’s a wind chime… & dark private tongue spoken… fantastic… smiles…

  23. Oh, Pamela, you are so very talented with metaphor. I love that whole first stanza! I also wanted to tell you that I think you do synesthesia (last Thursday’s dVerse) naturally. I had never known the name of that technique before….but YOU are a master of it, always have been. I see it again here in your third stanza with time navigating. Have a good week, friend.

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