“Bougainvillea Moment” The Sunday Whirl #112

I don’t miss jets passing by
on Saturday mornings,
neither does he as we rest
on the doorstep,
crossing fingers forever.

Shimmering svelte neckline
drips sweat onto his collar;
saltiness and cotton blend.

We sit in a bougainvillea moment,
yards join concrete to curb,
leaving their status to discern.

Our words spill
in silent air pockets
on unturned pages,
never knowing the outcome.

Still, I don’t miss thunderous sounds
spewing the Saturday morning air.


24 responses to ““Bougainvillea Moment” The Sunday Whirl #112

  1. The simple way of life works for me too…

  2. Bougainvillea moments are sooooooooooooo seductive,

  3. No. I can understand that. I wouldn’t miss them either.

  4. Gorgeous title! I look forward to the simple moments.

  5. We sit in a bougainvillea moment

    … sounds serene and beautiful. I wouldn’t miss the jets either.

  6. This is great. Am I catching some irony here? Do you miss the jets just a little from time to time? I love the third stanza (and title). Gorgeous! I leave the poem wondering if the repeat at the end is true affirmation or a bit wistful/self-talk. I guess it could be either.

  7. You build a very private refuge most convincingly here, pamela–I thought it was only in the mind that one could escape from the jets–the air is quilted with their ubiquitous silver needles. Also love the cotton shirt, and the bougainvillea, like the rose, a living symbol of bounty and thorns.

  8. magicalmysticalteacher

    If only those bougainvillea moments were closer together!

    Four-Word Whirl

  9. Beautifully done!

  10. Our words spill
    in silent air pockets
    on unturned pages,
    never knowing the outcome.

    Admittedly there are occasions when one rambles on not knowing the outcome! As long as one is in control it’s ok! Nicely Pamelita!


  11. Love the notion and image of a bougainvilla moment – a stunner! 🙂

  12. Jets thunder through our skies daily. Great Falls is home to an airbase. It is fun to watch maneuvers, but loud. I’m glad you have someone you love sharing life with you.

  13. This is absolutely gorgeous. You had me at the title (love the flower, and the word). I want to fall into this, and stay awhile.

  14. nice…really like that bougainvillea moment stanza and the one after it…the releasing the words not knowing…the outcome….a still moment for me in your words…peacefull

  15. A beautiful bougainvillea moment and neither will I miss those thundering jets. 🙂

  16. Oh we must grab those bougainvillea moments and savor them!!

  17. Your penultimate verse was a delight as the ‘words spilled in silent air pockets’.

  18. veronicabalfourpaul

    Everyone has said it all. I loved this. And the title is inspired. I will hold onto bougainvillea moments today. Thank you.

  19. A wonderful vignette of a moment in time. Simple and basic, yet very serene and seductive. I enjoyed this Pamela.

  20. I love bougainvillea, and I adore this poem. So peaceful and at ease.

  21. This looks like such a perfect moment 🙂

  22. What a lovely moment you have captured! How great to return to it again and again!

  23. idyllic mood created with some savory spice!! Delicious!!

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