“On Lavender Fields” dVerse Open Link #102

Alignment amends
as lovers resolve order,
a baby weeps
her mother’s breast.

In radiance,
the sun smiles
blossoms upon your face.

A chalice pours
nourishment on
lavender fields.

She remembers an apple’s
sweet kiss or lemon’s
sudden tartness;
the night blackens
its illuminating winds,
carrying birds’ wings
so they may sing
the dream within
your hands.


22 responses to ““On Lavender Fields” dVerse Open Link #102

  1. ha…cool elements in this….i like the closing image of the bird in hand & its dream singing…the touch on tastes right after the nourishment…there is a nice peace to this…

  2. Beautiful images, Pamela. There is a lavender farm not far from my home and I always thrill to drive by it and especially to visit.

  3. I agree with Victoria…beautiful images. This poem gives me a feeling of peace. I love the idea of ‘sing the dream within your hands.’

  4. Those dreams keep us alive and vibrant. Enjoyed this.

  5. Wonderful imagery, liked this very much.

  6. I so enjoyed the visions this conjured for me–really lovely!

  7. Peaceful images, love the ending.

  8. The dream within your hands–I like endings that open up new possibilities!

  9. Fabulous imagery, calmness-enabled,
    “so they may sing
    the dream within
    your hands.” awesome ending !! Really enjoyed this !!

  10. Love the chalice and lavender… beautiful, and the thought of it here up in the world of fir-trees and birch is so soothing…

  11. In radiance,
    the sun smiles
    blossoms upon your face

    A fitting description of things nice and endearing as what a lavender field is. Great take Pamelita!


  12. Pamelita, checking in during moving week, not posting yet, but checking in on my fave raves! The image of the baby weeping mother’s breast – not “weeping AT,” but akin to reaping and the image of precious milk. That line stopped me, slack-jawed. Loved it. Paz, Amelita

  13. This is a lovely poem..I remember the first time I saw a lavender field I was overwhelmed by the beauty.

  14. David Eric Cummins

    Wow! This is excellent. I especially love that last stanza. Brilliant! 🙂

  15. Quite a kaleidoscope of images here. Beautifully put.

  16. oh i love lavender – love the scent and color – and you capture the mood so very well with your words – beautiful images pamela

    rgd. your question… i wore heels for a party on friday…not used to them..so..but healing up quickly…

  17. A surreal and mystical poem that I loved reading aloud. Just gorgeous!

  18. Love the last few lines, evoking a moment – like walking on the beach and a passing stranger smiles at you – when the universe feels intimate.

  19. I specially like the imagery of this verse:

    A chalice pours
    nourishment on
    lavender fields.

    Have a lovely week Pamela ~

  20. waking my senses Pamela,
    alive with flavour. I smelt lavender yesterday
    for the first time in years
    its such a wonderful feeling

    fields of lavender
    I would love to experience
    irl but for now your words
    satiate 🙂

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