“Her Obscurity” The Sunday Whirl #115

Heaven’s dust falls while
she bathes in the beauty
of meadows and vines,
where words reflect
lingering liaison’s lane.

This woman of wild wheat
and maize slips
over bridges guiding
birds to the trees,
lands on an ancient
rock, bends with unstable
winds; there she cries
an island of soul’s solitude.

I close the book, rest
in retreat of my chair,
this evening to follow
her obscurity.


18 responses to ““Her Obscurity” The Sunday Whirl #115

  1. smiles…made me think how we get caught up in books and it whisks us away…when you said i close the book i almost laughed at that thought as it has happened to me oft…the relating…very cool pamela…

  2. I love where you took us…didn’t expect the book until the end. “This woman of wild wheat and maize…” evokes those old common stories. Strong work, my friend!

  3. magicalmysticalteacher

    The woman of wild wheat and maize seems to exemplify the spirit of Mexico. I really like this poem (perhaps because I’m terribly fond of Mexico!).

    A Weird Quartet

  4. “there she cries
    an island of soul’s solitude.” Wow, that’s really powerful weeping !!!
    Really enjoyed this Pamela !!

  5. She’s an enigma…

  6. Oh this spoke to me on so many levels…so meditative and spiritual. I love the woman in the poem so strong and yet so in need of comfort! Beautiful poem!Tanka Whirl

  7. A book offers a nice retreat…if only we had but world, and time….we would read, and read, and read.

  8. A story within a story, ahhh!! never expected the end. Great writing and the wordle words beautifully used in the poem!!

  9. I love heaven’s dust falls. It’s true…dust is always falling. Lovely job of writing the wordle.

  10. Love the woman of wild wheat and maize, she reminds me of so many things from Native culture, myth and legend. You did a wonderful job with these words, and because the woman weeps, she is everywoman. This one sings to something deep within me. Thank you,


  11. There is such stunning beauty in this, Pamela. It reminds me of Wordsworth’s “The Solitary Reaper.”

  12. Gorgeous write, Pamela. Your words are strong and beautiful. I especially love:
    “Heaven’s dust falls while
    she bathes in the beauty
    of meadows and vines,”
    and “woman of wild wheat
    and maize.”

  13. Very nicely done Pamela, it’s been forever since I felt like I was lost in a book. (They don’t write them like they used to) 🙂

  14. Excellent , just love it. Thy wishing to be somewhere else.

  15. The opening lines set a lovely image.

  16. This is just lovely, Pamela. So vivid. I LOVE this:
    “This woman of wild wheat
    and maize”

  17. Always nice to be able to find a retreat like this in a comfy chair!

  18. ‘where words reflect
    lingering liaison’s lane.’

    This line caught my attention. I thought of an information exchange between spies.


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