“Coffee and Toast” The Sunday Whirl #117

In the morning she makes
coffee and toast,
opening the curtains
to watch the sun
skim the day
as it leaves brightness
everywhere, like sunflowers
ready to bloom.

In the afternoon she visits
friends, where translations
crawl slowly around the room,
sometimes resting in undiscovered
corners, needing to be exhumed.

In the evening she masks
mistakes with smiles, writes notes
on small pieces of paper, sailing
them toward the sky, not wanting
to forget each second or sound.

At night, while she sleeps,
stars see her conscience
detecting a soul floating
in the universe beyond doors
and corners ascending windows and winds.


21 responses to ““Coffee and Toast” The Sunday Whirl #117

  1. The last stanza is a great uplift, Pamela.

  2. What an uncluttered life she lives!

  3. This is just magical. I love every stanza. This one should be published.

  4. very cool…i think the last is my fav…the stars looking down and seeing your soul…i really like though the making of the airplanes out of the notes and sending them out…so as not to forget…making little poems of the day…smiles.

  5. Even in today’s modern world we still have this urge to consult oracles and to appease the elements. Old habits die hard! I liked the way this piece read.

  6. That is such a nice image of the early mornng, openings curtains to
    watch the sun. My kitchen faces east and to open the curtains in the early morning is tooooooooooo much light. Seems to hurt my sleepy eyes. But it sounds sooooooo good when you say it!

  7. Spectacular, start to finish, Pamela! I love everything about this one.

  8. This is beautiful, Pamela. I loved going through the day with ‘her.’ You write with the most melodic language. I like writing notes on small pieces of paper and sailing them toward the sky & stars seeing her conscience as she sleeps. Let’s not lose touch! Smiles.

  9. A nice walk through the day. Interesting elemens. Well done.

  10. If more people could mask their mistakes with smiles, oh, what a wonderful world!

  11. I love the image in the third stanza of notes being released to the sky. Lovely work, Pamela!

  12. Love your use of language, the images you created that allow us to see and be with her through her day. And like many others, find that final stanza outstanding,


  13. The morning is just mine!! 🙂 The night sounds very eventful with dreams having no barriers fulfilling all her deepest wishes!!

  14. Pamela, this is so perfect. (I just got the words…it’s been a busy morning…and am almost intimidated by what you’ve created.) Thank you for this exquisite day!

  15. This is a delightful walk through a day. I loved so many elements in it but especially the notes sailing toward the sky and her soul floating in the universe. Beautifully done! The Gospel According to a Labrador Retriever

  16. What a day, start to finish. She’s truly in sync with her world. Great piece, Pamela!

  17. smiles all around, enjoyed each part of her day

  18. detecting a soul floating
    in the universe beyond doors
    and corners ascending windows and winds

    This is the clincher Pamelita! Lots of good tidings on what she did. This is what we crave for. Great write!


  19. Love that first stanza and the last one too. Very good poem.

  20. I especially love the 2nd stanza. This piece is so atmospheric. Great job, Pamela!

  21. I loved the 3rd stanza…..

I appreciate all comments.

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