As the Berry Bursts The Sunday Whirl # 118

Mesh covers night
with gauze when
memories fall through time’s
slated space.

We become tears in a
hollow place, exploding neon
lights on contained currents.

Miles of fantasy
drive us through life where
a key unlocks this four
cornered room when searching
for combinations left in
uncluttered pathways;
breathing lies in
knowing longing still exists.

As a berry bursts, sweetness
rests on the tongue, morning
dew sweats the grass, and sunlight
sparkles the bees and ladybugs.


13 responses to “As the Berry Bursts The Sunday Whirl # 118

  1. Top quality piece this Pamela.

  2. The finale was just so grand!! Splendid glide to the outdoors!!

  3. Beautiful morning.

  4. “We become tears in a hollow place…” This is a haunting line, I’m glad you end with the berry’s burst of sweetness. Beautiful images, Pamela. I like your description of dew, and the sparkling insects.

  5. nice…the whole fantasy driving us in the room looking for combinations stanza is my fav…there is a truth to that…breathing lies & longing…love the imagery in the zoom out there in the end…

  6. Yes, I had to read this twice to really get the feel of it. Rather lovely, I’d say.

  7. magicalmysticalteacher

    “We become tears in a hollow place” is such a devastating line, but its power to undermine is nicely offset by those berries bursting their sweetness.

    A Wee Whirl

  8. After the tears comes the berry’s burst of sweetness on the tongue. How else would we know the difference between joy and sorrow. Wonderful vivid flow of images and those final lines are spectacular, my friend.


  9. You have such a gift for creating lush images. Beautiful read. I’m late to the came. Don’t even know the words yet.

  10. I like the happy ending. Nice images.

  11. Your poem speaks of the sadness of life, the ‘hollow place’ We are redeemed by the berries, the bees, the sunlight and dew on the grass. I love the hopefulness in the final verse!

  12. I closed my eyes after I had read this and relived the sensations you evoked in those words. Excellent!

  13. What a lovely morning! I was really caught by ” sunlight sparkles the bees and ladybugs”.

I appreciate all comments.

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