“Talking to Sunday” dVerse Open Link #106

Sunday morning’s silence
sweeps the streets where cars are
parked in driveways with cooled engines

I listen to the roosters crow,
when minutes equalize,
splitting the air with a breeze

I like your afternoon when sunlight
dances on my shoulders

I like your colours of the evening —
a palette of life rising behind
the mountain view

I love you beyond trains, doors and
corners that have been without friends

I love you with joy;
my back against the pain,
a beloved sliver against what can be
where windows ascend stars;
you are my ceremony.


33 responses to ““Talking to Sunday” dVerse Open Link #106

  1. Nice! There’s something very evocative about the cars sitting with their engines cooling, and I especially love the second-to-last stanza.

  2. nice…love how you give sunday texture with this – and cool on talking to it as well – ah it’s a special day – and always over too soon….

  3. You have captured a real Sunday feeling in this poem.

  4. What a lovely idea Pamela, a tribute to Sunday which ends with a star filled window. What a lovely day beyond your horizon…

  5. ah beautiful…i love the build in it too…beyond trains…smiles…that is my fav stanza in these…sundays are a beautiful sigh for me….

  6. Ahh… love this, Pamela. Sundays should be reflective like this.

  7. The kind of things I missed when living in countries where Sunday is just another day…

  8. Geez…you are a poet. You know it?

  9. how good is that…morning sweeps the streets…a great line. This has such a nostalgic atmosphere… I could be walking on a sunday with aunt helen on Belvoir Avenue

  10. You have created so much atmosphere in this. I like the transition from description to the second person, bringing with it the intimacy of Sunday as it should be. Refreshing.

  11. “You are my ceremony.” —– Love that line. Sunday indeed is a special kind of day….a day to savor from early morn until the colors of the evening are in view!

  12. Wonderful description of Sunday.

    Certainly better than the dreaded before school day it used to be.

  13. really beautiful and I loved your last stanza!

  14. Love the atmosphere. Love the ending.

  15. What a lovely testimonial!

  16. A Sunday feel of warmth and peace! A row of cars parked by the street gives that picture of relaxation and tranquility of a quiet Sunday! Great pic relayed Pamelita!


  17. A very good write.>KB

  18. Ah Sundays…one of the seven best days of the week 🙂 ~peace, Jason

  19. I love this from the first to last line ~ There is something calming and restful about Sundays ~

  20. I just like the love the way it rolls- makes me long for the day.

  21. This is a hymn that doesn’t need a church around it at all. Just as spiritual and fulfilling for me… beautiful writing, Pamelita. Paz, Amelita

  22. A beautiful piece that sings many verses of a song in which you have invited us to listen to.

  23. and I like what you have written here- from the cars parked silently on their Sunday morning the sunshine on shoulders- the pallette – images with artistic visuals.

  24. What a lovely Sunday, just beautiful…I really loved this … I love you beyond trains, doors and
    corners that have been without friends
    a lovely poem Pamela! 🙂

  25. soothing Sundays, harking back to the days when one didn’t wash the car on Sundays for fear of disturbing the neighbours’ peace…

  26. Can’t pick a favourite line because they are all so good, Pamela.

  27. Slowing down to a Sunday pace–beautiful, peaceful, just like a perfect day. Lovely work!

  28. yes, the way the words woo one…. sounds and sights…. especially beautiful this one… glad to have stopped by…. ms pie

  29. I love you beyond trains, doors and
    corners that have been without friends

    what sublime poetry you write, ty for this.

  30. This is such an original idea and you capture it all very well. Really a very pretty poem. k.

  31. A truly lovely ode to Sunday .” I love you with joy, my back against the pain” Perfect! ~jackie~

  32. “I love you beyond trains, doors and
    corners that have been without friends”


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