“City Buses” dVerse Open Link #109

The sound of buses invades the day,
excavated roads, dust-filled mornings.
They’re widening the city roads,
moving concrete here and there,
stripping away the earth, making
everything better; it’s the same
as yesterday, with men’s names
carved in streets.

I pick up a grackle’s
feather and place it on
the coffee table by
a shell you found by the shore.

You prepare a salad:
cranberries, mandarins
and almonds; sprinkle it
with honey vinaigrette
to quench the appetite,
the aroma of sautéed
shrimp and garlic
fills the house.

Thoughts scatter,
I try to relax to the sound of buses,
permanent and intact on lost hours,
crossing streets and ascending,
while angels fly to their towers
to guard the borders of this city.


23 responses to ““City Buses” dVerse Open Link #109

  1. I love the image of men’s names carved in streets. I feel the tension and the sacred in balance to that.
    I’ve always thought of the way we treat the earth is like a c-section. She gives us everything but we keep thinking we have to take it out of her.

  2. i love palpable descriptions of cities – and this def. is one – you give it taste – you give it touch and sound – love the guardian angel image you leave us with

  3. can feel and almost taste this poem. lovely.

  4. Summer in the city – of course all the roadworks start when people are on vacation. And yet, in the midst of that urban landscape, there is:
    a grackle’s
    feather and
    a shell you found by the shore. And that salad description, which made my mouth water!

  5. This reminded me of a concrete that is still not completely dry and children who draw in it with sticks.

  6. Brilliant city scene.

    And I like the grackles feather. Nice touch.

  7. ha. i like the contrast between them making it better…and it being the same…with mens names…ha…thank goodness for angles to watch over us eh..there is a soothing sound to the dependability of the routine of buses…smiles.

  8. I can relate to the sounds and dust of the city buses ~ I can smell the salad, the food part made me hungry ~ Good one Pamela ~

  9. A dusty cacophony outside amidst them post sentry.
    Thank God for the salad. Thank God.
    A splattered palette deftly painted.

  10. Vacation time! The workers work feverishly before the exodus back to the city. City buses have that certain aura of attraction and travelling them make one hungry. Mainly ‘cos one can see food along the way.Great take and well captured Pamelita!


  11. ..there’s such a palpable inside / outside tension to your poem, your everyday colliding with ‘thier every day’, wonderful imagery too.

  12. Hi Pamela,

    That salad sounds delightful…certainly would quench my appetite.

  13. Pamelita, the part about the streets being paved and leveled, men carving their names in streets, speaks to me of the hubris of too many men…. tear it down, build it up and name it after ME.

    As far as the rest, it’s as though you have found that other kind of man the one who picks up a shell; who appreciates the finer things in life. Like your company! Lovely, lovely poetry here. Amy

  14. I like how amid all the noises of men working on streets and buses is the total peacefulness and contentment of you and your husband.

  15. Could feel the ‘city’ in your first stanza, your second stanza was like an artist’s painting, and your third stanza has me hungry! And the angels in the fourth stanza protect all. Smiles.

  16. great descriptions… and I liked how you created an effect of ease, yet quite noisy, in your words.

  17. men carving up the earth, driving their noisy machines. women’s faces and bodies carved with angel wings on the Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico City east of Chapultapec, and on the hill above Quito. The angels in the Bible were men-like, but it’s women guarding the cities from their pperches near the clouds

  18. Cities – such an exotic and strange place for this country girl. Love this poem though – the images and hints of tastes are so clear. Well done!

  19. As a city dweller, this interesting poem resonates…the white noise of buses are almost a comfort…your description of food…mouthwatering, and the grackle feather, a lovely touch. Great write, Pamela! ~jackie~

  20. some really smart contrasts and a neat and well conceived mix in the narrative. sensual in part and descriptive. a broad range opening up the city as a place and idea. cheers Pamela 🙂

  21. There is something special about those city noises.. and the contrast to the inside of our homes. We love those cities and still we hate them in a way.

  22. Great little details that come together into a perfect poem.

  23. I like the juxtaposition of natural (the salad and birds as examples) and the concrete, static things like roads and schedules and tall buildings. It’s like a quiet moment in a noisy world. Lovely.

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