“How I Remember You” dVerse Open Link #110

Ash releases
stable ground,
earth shakes
barefoot walking
floors; mirrors move reflection.

This is how I remember you:
memory visits sweater’s touch
you wore on summer nights;
I wrap it close
around my shoulders.

If light is compact
my hand flies like words
lost in air, breezing
pictures in slowness
of hours burned by the beat of my heart
to find a secret space.


21 responses to ““How I Remember You” dVerse Open Link #110

  1. ha. love the last stanza…there is a magic there…..the sweater in the second…those are def tangible memories we can wrap ourselves in as well…its the touch and smell…yeah, i know that…smiles.

  2. Tactile memories..how precious indeed.

  3. Ah, memories take a lot of different forms. Not always the memories one wishes to have, but then again sometimes they are comforting. I do know about the clothes….which can definitely be a comfort and something real that can bring the other close!!

  4. Memories in a sweater… and a sadness to wrap around… lined with longing.. this is beautiful

  5. love the sweater part cause it makes it so palpable and relateable…the feel…the smell… cool on the new job as well pam

  6. Yes, that sweater’s touch is truly memorable. I think we’ve all sat hugging a piece of clothing, smelling and crying over it.

  7. This is the kind of “love” poem that is so effective (for me, at least) because it creates the feeling without being effusive.

  8. The concreteness of the elements make the emotion something physical I can touch. The sense of ashes taking away the stable world, clinging to the sweater as the last link to warmth.

  9. I remember my sister, widowed at 32, burying her face in her husband’s clothes. That memory has always haunted me, and yet your poem gives me the reassurance that there is eventually some closure, if only you leave your heart open, your hands free, and your words fluid.

    Loved this, Pamelita. Thanks, Amelita

  10. So very good. The heartache and the hope.

  11. Hi, I will be round to read you all later today. Thanks for the nice comments.

  12. What a beautiful memory ~ a little sad as the smell is wrapped close ~ thank you

  13. how poignant..the wrapping of the sweater..trying to hold on with something tangible..love the last line..trying to find a secret place..to me reminds me of seeking solace from the pain of loss. Lovely poem

  14. Thank you for this very moving and descriptive work, Pamela. The images burn deeply into the mind with true emotion.

  15. Precious and beautiful. It touched me.

  16. Beautiful…m oving and original 🙂

  17. I like the mood, and the mystery

  18. a delicate sense of coming to terms with loss or longing Pamela.
    carefully crafted and all leading to this wonderful ending
    which I totally adore

    of hours burned by the beat of my heart
    to find a secret space.

  19. The last stanza pulls it together wonderfully. Very much enjoyed 🙂

  20. Memories can be wonderful things. Smiles

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