Summer’s Exit dVerse Open Link #111

Church bells chime inside my room,
curving weather’s change,
summer’s exit slips my bones,
soaking in blood’s labyrinth.

Silhouettes and shadows
drown stars in water
as wonders of night
watch clouds pass over
this season’s moon
on flexible texture
where names are written
to lie alone.


24 responses to “Summer’s Exit dVerse Open Link #111

  1. nice…love the second part…there is such a cool flow between the rhymes and the allit as well….names written to lie alone leaves a bit of a chill on your close as well….the exit through your bones as well…nice and tactile…

  2. Enjoyed this, Pamela. Hard to believe the summer is exiting again. Love ‘wonders of night watch clouds pass over this season’s moon.’ Always enjoy the lovely language of your writing!

  3. watch clouds pass over
    this season’s moon
    on flexible texture

    Gives an impression of enjoying life and wanting more! The second stanza brings out the effect beautifully as always your wonderful word craft! Wonderful write Pamelita!


  4. ‘Silhouettes and shadows
    drown stars in water
    as wonders of night
    watch clouds pass over..’ — loved these lines. a very vivid and moving poem.

  5. “summer’s exit slips my bones”
    yes. yes, this line lingers

  6. hard to believe summer is nearing its the images you create summer’s exit slips my bones, just thinking of the cool weather coming has my bones in anguish..nice poem

  7. Beautiful imagery… and lovely verses. Splendid read!

  8. Great first line just begs the reader to continue.

    and it’s all good. Nifty writing.

  9. Pamela, i always get lost in your poetry, your phrasing and surprising word combinations,,,curving weather change, flexible texture. i love reading word combinations i could never write myself. a wonderful poem, ty.

  10. Sometimes the journey itself is the destination, not its end. I’d say your poetry is very like that, a nice journey in itself without a discernible destination…. That is truly the meaning of life once you wipe away the clouding minutia…. well written……

  11. as the shadows get longer and our north European days are tightened by the night my melancholia becomes beastly but the autumn feeds me at least before the winter eats.

    perfect timing Pamela and the title is sad but just right 😉

  12. the weather changes over here as well… love the church bells accompanying it.. and waving summer good bye..sigh

  13. such a brilliant way to write this poem! I enjoyed this, especially “summer’s exit slips my bones,” awesome work 🙂

  14. I love how descriptive this is, although you only use one adjective throughout, the ‘flexible’ texture.

  15. Summer is indeed slowly exiting! You have made us feel that.

  16. oo there is a haunting tone to this! I do love autumn but I am always sad to see summer go.

  17. Beautiful flow and sentiment 🙂

  18. Summer’s escape allows my favorite season to raise it’s head. But the sadness of summer’s end does come through in this piece. I enjoy this piece, Pamela.

  19. I could hear those church bells chiming the season change..and I think I can still hear them…great writing.

  20. I think that church bells are possibly as beautiful as bird song. I can hear both from my garden, and I love it. Love your poem as well, Pamela.

  21. Wow! I really love this! It flows so beautifully. I love “summer’s exit slips my bones”

  22. Lovely, I love this.

  23. Agh – hate this summer’s departure! Wonderful lines about the chimes in your room curving weather’s change – it does through us a curve- moonlight makes me imagine streets in mexico. HOpe all well. k.

  24. Each line really builds on the last, both in sound and image, pamela–I love the rhythm, and the blood labyrinth, the wonderful sound combinations, and the cloudy, mysterious feel of the whole thing, as we participate yet have so little control in the passages and forces around us. Lovely end of the day, end of the season mood.

    All is well here-(if you disregard the screwed politics and the hideous shape-up to yet another war)-had a long dry spell, but writing again finally, so feeling much better in that regard. Hope things are well on your end.

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