“Fragile Fish” The Sunday Whirl #124


the netting is longer now and more scarlet
than the year before, or the present leaving a hole in

double-sided time, an adventure covered in unmistaken colour
of human doubt

and resembles stitches sewn across the chest, which
cold chill resembles this place of ramage


trinket-filled, worth finally spilling over, peaceful,
a promising lean-to of palms

fragile fish caught in sway nets, Aries-tattooed thread in the mane
of a young mare in a close adjacent aisle


imprinted, my face presses against metal grating, the street swimming,
a young girl moves flowers under inky sky,

splintering a triage of memory, needling narrow,
navigating an unsure passage in spirit; feathery and silent


it’s neither loud sparks nor oiled spectrum of silence,
blossoms on the nearest tree wet from the rain;

there is a pattern to be seen, a completed page.


20 responses to ““Fragile Fish” The Sunday Whirl #124

  1. very nice. I love that last verse.

  2. I love every line of this piece!!!

  3. Gorgeous images. I like how you separated images and ideas with single words, Pamela. The ending is perfect.

  4. there is a pattern to be seen…yes there is….cool set up of this….each like a little pain of glass that comes together to make a complete picture, a whole page…still there is a common thread that runs one to the next…

  5. One image grabbed me…imprinted, my face presses against metal grating.
    I can feel and see that image.

  6. wonderful vivid imagery, my friend, sewn together well.


  7. Lovely images. I liked the title!

  8. The segment titled ‘Reaction’ really held me in its imagery! This poem is packed with intersecting patterns and images. 🙂

  9. Gorgeous and a mysterious exotic atmosphere is captured by your pen.

  10. Such a seamless write that I forgot about the prompt until I came across the word feathery. And kudos for fitting in “oiled”–but I guess that works better with fish than the theme I chose.

  11. Its like quilting, each an individual piece that is sewn together to make that gorgeous picture!!

  12. What some great word combinations but perhaps my favorite were the …needling narrow, navigating… after ” a young girl moves flowers…”

  13. Like the ending that sews.

  14. I love how everything stitches together in that last stanza. Lovely poem.

  15. Each word’s playing its role in your play, just want to say ‘Bravo’ !

  16. I love patterns to be seen in life and that you have caught so many here…wonderful. I can see it all as though I was there.

  17. Lovely imagery. Aries-tatooed – yes! It’s gorgeous.

  18. “Pamela in the Sky with Diamond studded words!” I loved how this read.

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