“First a Shadow” dVerse Open Link #112

Before floating villages
you were first a shadow,
untying in slow destruction,
an angel with hand to face,
knots on headwinds,
the ultimate window;
your eyes on fire.

Last night in the light,
still, it was not you.
I was alone with a premonition —
a signal presence in greetings,
a hiker in your circle.

Dimension arcs alone
with your impulse,
words wave
boats in darkness.


27 responses to ““First a Shadow” dVerse Open Link #112

  1. those first three lines are really awesome…great hook, esp untying in slow destruction, it has the feel of myth, like the pull back to the present as well…nicely done pamela…hope your week starts off great and you are starting to get your teacher legs under you…smiles.

  2. Must agree with Brian in “you were first a shadow” is a most powerful line… I never got a real feel for the theme of the overall poem itself, but the poem is certainly word art and flows very artfully… A very pleasant read indeed!

  3. Love the surrealism and the imagery, Pamela. I feel as if I am in dim light and your poem is floating above me…a collection of shadows and light and words.

  4. So reminiscint of a book I’m reading at this moment, House of Spirits…a wonderful sense of mystical in this piece. ~peace, Jason

  5. Hi Pamela, managed to get back here again at the start of this month… Nearly always when reading your work, I’m powerfully reminded how, when I’m away, I miss the ambition in your work…

    Some great stuff here (powerful & telling juxtapositions… )again:
    “the ultimate window;
    your eyes on fire.” AND:
    “a signal presence in greetings,
    a hiker in your circle.”
    “words wave
    boats in darkness.”
    Also, as others have said, some single lines too, with great clout:
    Not just:
    “you were first a shadow,” BUT:
    I was alone with a premonition AND:
    “Dimension arcs alone..”

    Please keep on keeping on, Pamela… So often when I read your work, I feel like you are right on the edge of something truly great. And you don’t find yourself saying that very often, Trust me on that… With Best Wishes Scott http://www.scotthastie.com

  6. Ah– such a lovely close here–the words waving boats- they are rescue boats in darkness- just lovely. k.

  7. As I read it I kept copying parts to tell you that was my favorite but by the time I got to the end I’d copied the whole poem so there was no need to paste it back to you. Well done, well done.>KB

  8. “Words have boats in darkness”..love this..IT rings so TRUE…as a ship at seas…2020…

  9. Great hook indeed, with the floating villages, the shadow, the angel with hand to face. There is a surreal feeling to it. A lovely flowing read……..

  10. There is such intensity behind your words. Love those concluding lines

  11. …maybe it was just me but i read this as rather mournful & longing especially with that ‘boats in darkness’… hope you’re well… smiles…

  12. your eyes on fire.
    Last night in the light,
    still, it was not you.

    There is a longing of wanting to see more than just some lights. The yearnings keep things moving.It’s good as it will sustain and at the same time stabilize! Nicely Pamelita!


  13. You caught me with the first line. Hooked. Gosh, I sound like a fisherman! Wonderful poem, Pamela.

  14. Pamela, just reread this. “Boats in darkness” – love that!


  15. strong, strong, you tapped a vein here, Pamela. ~ M

  16. There is a sense of eeriness about this–shadowy premonitions. And I want to know more about who “you” is.

  17. Specially admire that ending verse:

    words wave
    boats in darkness.

    Good one Pamela ~

  18. oh heck pam – that first stanza took my breath away – what gorgeous images

  19. A sense of longing and simply beautiful images.

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