Manipulative Shortwaves The Sunday Whirl #126

I need a single secret while I fix
my lipstick, riding lonely streets in this taxi,
waiting for night to open vision
along this city’s broken river
where I’m taken to find silence
in an arcing curve;
something I breathe as memories stir,
making them run along body’s posture.

In this dream, she’s sumptuous
in vacuous laughter
when she lifts a questioning finger
spreading a violet muse,
her hair’s tousled and she crosses
vivacious legs around a vibrant mood
as I swim in waist-high, icy
rivers slicing the moon.


18 responses to “Manipulative Shortwaves The Sunday Whirl #126

  1. “she’s sumptuous, in vacuous laughter” – that is an image I can really picture.

  2. You set the scene and drew us right into it!

  3. What some beautiful word associations you have given us today, none better than the ultimate “icy rivers slicing the moon”.

  4. mmmm very nice….i like the unse of the river…as she often speaks to me as much as the night….very visual for me…easy to see you there in the taxi running the lipstick on your lips….nice personification in the second half as well…vivid too…

  5. So beautifully done…love how she crosses her legs around a vibrant mood….

  6. Riding lonely streets in this taxi is my favorite visual. That could take us many places. You took us to the icy river. Beautiful.

  7. This swishes like a wonderfully rich skirt..i got swept away..beautiful..

  8. Oh Pamela, The way you put words together is exquisite. Your images are fresh and enticing. I especially love the last stanza. This is beautiful writing.

  9. “icy rivers slicing the moon” ~ lovely line, visually emotional poem

  10. I’m sort of lost. I need a secret paragraph is fantastic, then it switches to 3rd person, then back to 1st. I didn’t understand who “she” was. It is very visual.

  11. You turn some wonderful phrases, Pamela!

    “icy rivers slicing the moon” is my favorite as well!

  12. That’s some vibrant writing, Pamela.

  13. something I breathe as memories stir,
    making them run along body’s posture

    Beautiful word craft Pamelita! You weave through in that high powered poetic language of a seasoned poet. Great write!


  14. Good wordling, Pamela – I could only come up with utter rubbish using those words.

    I hope you’re well out of hurricane zone – two at once seems excessive!

  15. That first line is a stunning piece of crafted word.

  16. Lovely, vivid sequence of images, and great use of color throughout, pamela. I love the first line, with it’s promise of hidden things, and the forbidding rivers that slice through the moon.

  17. Thanks all for the nice comments. Viv, it has been a horrible soggy week, but we are fine.

I appreciate all comments.

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