“Like a Secret” The Sunday Whirl #127

Fly to me – light,
light on branches leaving love
on each story,
an eye that I look at
shines and turns to me like a secret,
thinking, increasing
the edge of exile,
leaning to; I see you watching me
whiter and more transparent,
amass in everything that stands
for more than a wing to flight,
to see my trees surrounding a wish,
peering three-fold through the apples.

Tomorrow I’ll say that this body
cradles autumn now.
A smiling mirror image of everything
that you tell me you heard and saw behind the curtains;
what respite is not
when you do not fly.

A look alone weighs more memory,
sounding with spirits the souls of
souls like arms extending
toward clear air.


15 responses to ““Like a Secret” The Sunday Whirl #127

  1. Excellent. I’ve been worrying about you in Mexico – hoping you were well out of harm’s way and grieving for the losses.

  2. You can’t beat a good secret…

  3. Need to think on this one…to see if I can hear and see behind the curtains.
    Interesting, deep write.

  4. nice…some really cool phrases…the body cradling autumn….the look alone weighs more memory…the last 8 lines or so of that first stanza are my fav though…..very nice pamela…

  5. Strong and beautiful. The last two lines are striking. Love this piece, Pamela, and I must echo Viv’s concerns. I hope you and those you know and love are safe.

  6. Beautiful piece, right from the title, to the very last word!

  7. A lovely poem, filled with beautiful images. I agree with the other that the last stanzas are out-of-this-world!

  8. A lovely poem. I think we are all cradling autumn right now and happy to do so …

    Hope this day of peace finds you well, Pamela.

  9. A look alone weighs more memory,
    sounding with spirits the souls of
    souls like arms extending
    toward clear air.

    Perfect ending Pam! It sums up what strong memories that events can be remembered for. Wonderful take!


  10. Beautiful and so very satisfying on so many levels. Fluid imagery that captures the senses and then keeps them right there. Wonderful ending as well my friend. Salute!


  11. My body certainly cradles autumn and that’s the truth. I do wish I could leave love on each story but my muse is in control!

  12. Such a soulful piece. This takes us somewhere.

  13. I love that line: “Tomorrow my body cradles autumn.” Such a great metaphor for this “old lad”y in the autumn of life. You excel in imagery.

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