“Intercourse of Angels” dVerse Open Link #115

Diffusion between lamps
is the pupil’s mortal birth
with this day I wear mourning
placing a slight cracked pot on the ledge.

Revelation is trackless in the bottom of my voice;
it denies there is another voice,
saying the gods are stealth and displaced,
recreating an invisible reality
protecting trees in provided shade
and widowhood in a single stroke
when fields alight night.

There’s a pernicious
intercourse of angels,
night and blood in their vessels,
a tribute glaring on the margins
as trees alight night fields
providing intense subsurface.


14 responses to ““Intercourse of Angels” dVerse Open Link #115

  1. very cool pamela….the title was intriguing before i even read…the beginning, placing the cracked pot…i find humility in that…as it is what we have to offer….the trees alighting the fields…def feels fall to me as well…

  2. A beautifully metaphoric write. Enjoyed the imagery of the ‘gods stealth and displaced’ and of course ‘the pernicious intercourse of angels.’
    Hope all is well as your autumn begins, Pamela.

  3. A fantastic and very powerfull write, I enjoyed the imagery and the title drew me right in!

  4. I read this several times just to catch all the wonderful details.. and the title worked wonders in pulling the reader in.. wonderful

  5. Very detail and you write poetry like no other.
    You have a talent in which no poet dares to see the truthfulness of wonders. 🙂

  6. A paradox, I think. Shade for trees and widowhood, done by the same hand and in a sweeping stroke.
    There is mystery here . . . this one lingers. I am not so good a detective.
    It’s a haunting piece. I think it must be intended.

  7. Your title was provocative and it grabbed me right off. The fine-tuned details of this are indeed striking, Pamela. You do this poem thing so well! 😉

  8. Pamelita, loved the “cracked pot” (I don’t think you meant me :^)

    There is such depth in this one, and the “intercourse of the angels” is a beautiful phrase. The poem as a whole mystified me, and sometimes it’s best to simply let the mystery be and savor the poem as it is… Amelita

  9. Such strong imagery feels quite intense… I get the feeling of just drifting through the confusion… wonderful mystery!

  10. The title brought such a such a suspense at the first glance. And Never disappointed as i read down!

  11. An interesting poem I liked readfing it aloud it was wonderful. I particularly liked the last stanza. But will visit it again. Good reading. >KB

  12. “There’s a pernicious intercourse of angels” – now, that’s a new thought!

  13. “placing a slight cracked pot on the ledge” this image stays with me in the wash of this extremely elegant poem .. lovely – truly lovely 🙂

  14. The last verse speaks to me. A beautiful poem.

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