“On Steeled Legs I Walk” The Sunday Whirl #128

It begins with a superstition where a stranger
leaves his eyes in crystal pieces

It’s intimate

When he drinks pulque from a cactus
sleeve and smears aloe on his body,
the exactness of worship spills over

I’m aware of my disordered bra straps and
my blouse hanging askew on these seconds
between raindrop’s continuum

I’ve a macro minute to share;
and on steeled legs I walk

When my ghost’s boredom intrigues
factor, symphonic
masterpiece breathes.

*Pulque [‘pulke] is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermented sap of the maguey (agave) plant.


15 responses to ““On Steeled Legs I Walk” The Sunday Whirl #128

  1. Don’t you just love those ‘pulque’ moments…?

  2. Reading this, I too thought I was high on pulque.

  3. Going all tipsy on ordinary things. Can be a little distraction, yes! Nicely Pamelita!


  4. I think your disordered bra straps has tangled my synapses.

  5. I read this three or four times to take in the experience described. I think I was “askew on these seconds.”

  6. what arrecting imagery…the leaving eyes in crystal pieces and then calling it intimate made me stop and sit up a bit….the orderedness and how even in that it takes the right moments….cool write pamela

  7. What an experience!

  8. Your first two lines are brilliant, Pamela. The crystal pieces pull me in.

  9. You had me with those opening lines…superstition is a draw. And often hints at chaos amidst the order. Your disordered bra straps stopped me cold then made me laugh out loud. Good one, my friend,


  10. Is that like a wardrobe malfunction due to too much alcohol? Love it. I think I had one of those, or possibly both of those myself. 🙂 Nicely whirled.

  11. I’ve heard of pulque and it does not sound very good but then I guess it depends on what you think is good. I like this post. I always feel as though I’m learning when I read what you have written.

  12. Thanks all for the nice comments. I have never drunk pulque, but I do know a few who swear by its healing properties. It is said to have the consistency of slime, and I don’t find that very appealing.

  13. eyes in crystal pieces..wow..that line lingers and shines..

  14. I can remember those disordered bra strap days – oh to be young again…
    Anna :o]

  15. magical…thanks for sharing momentum…

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