“Preaching to the Land” dVerse Open Link #116

an emotional life
in defeat,
escaping the tedious

a woman’s fascination
as a man describes
the aspects of his religion

manipulation wanders
these lonely alleys
between maize fields
over cityscapes.


17 responses to ““Preaching to the Land” dVerse Open Link #116

  1. religeon and manipulation wander the streets as bed fellows for sure…far too often…i am rather leary of the overly religeous and settle more for a spirituality that points to love….

  2. Brian speaks volumes here. Religion and spirituality are two different things entirely. Religion is a structure, a compilation of past beliefs gathered together and formalized in a way to act as a guiding principle for spirituality. Unfortunately, they are many and are competitive. More unwarranted deaths and mayhem have occurred on this planet as a result of religious differences than any other reason. But all of this speaks only on the topic you chose for this poem:

    The poem itself? Incredibly, wondrously sensual….. I’m not sure if that wasn’t intended, but to me, my emotion, my baggage, the things I carried with me into that poem, I can say this: There is nothing more sensual, more wonderful, more beautiful than a woman, with all of her innate tenderness, compassion, God-given and built in compassionate love, who willfully and willingly allows herself to melt into a man’s spirituality, his own manliness, his complete opposite to her every fiber…. her every thought, her every desire, their breath becoming one in a spiritual bliss of a mind meld (if I may borrow that singularly most expressive term of two souls joining as one from Star Trek jargon. Sorry but i always reserve the right to be a Star Trek geek)

    In my opinion this is an absolute and true relational love poem. It transcends the dime-a-dozen love poems that focus on physical cues from Mother Nature, which are really just poems about sexual attraction. That’s not bad, everyone likes that too. But the true desire, the one thing that fulfills all of us, is undoubtedly that spiritual connection…. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed in life. Even if that wasn’t your intention, still, thank you for writing this tender poem about it… I enjoyed it very much….

  3. Sometimes it is a secret manipulation quietly going on in the dark alleyways…I love how you give this a quiet darkness…if I’m reading it correctly, an excellent poem Pamela 🙂

  4. Oh that last stanza screams volumes.. How religion is misused all the time. At the end to me what matters is how we are to each other as humans…

  5. “manipulation wanders
    these lonely alleys
    between maize fields
    over cityscapes.”


    The metaphor of manipulation escapes through all enigmas and places us with a completely different meaning on life.


  6. Wow. Well written, and much is said between these sparse lines.

  7. I find the last stanza especially powerful.

  8. had me from the first two words “unpardonable wisdom”

  9. I do think we really need to think about what we believe and why. Your poem nails it, Pamela!

  10. manipulation wanders..religion is too organized and where there is too much organization there is corruption..I lean towards spirituality..well written Pamela..

  11. well done Pamela, well done indeed

  12. Like Brian I feel like religion and manipulation wander the streets as bed fellows..no doubt about that and your poem-perfect!

  13. The manipulators know–they search out the defeated, the lonely, or those dulled by the tedium of life. Excellent poem, quietly disturbing.

  14. religion is a symptom of our need to be manipulated, as is love. without such deceit we are desolate but for the poetry 🙂

  15. there are countless examples where religion and manipulation walked hand in hand… jesus had his own way of dealing with the overly religious people of his time… i focus on love as well… the one thing that will stay…

  16. Pamelita, don’t get me started. The minute folks find out I married a pastor, they all want to convert me to “the real church” (the one about JAY-sus… if that floats your boat, more power to you, but…). People do so much more harm than good when they push their religious agendas. I say, walk in love and, if people ASK why you do it, you can mention religion in one sentence of ten words or less. How about that for a word count?!

  17. After reading all of these comments. I think my poem may have been taken out of context a bit. I am not a religious person, and I in no way criticize others for their beliefs. If, a person has true belief, that they live by daily. I say “Great”, you are sincere and all the more power to you. However, in my life time I have seen much deception used in religion. This is a work of fiction, pure and simple, and was not written to offend anyone. I, too, believe in “love”, and know that is the only true answer to this world’s misery and hate.

I appreciate all comments.

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