“On the Cheek” We Write Poems #177 – The Road

When we don’t swim the shallows,
waves incline ships
pulling silk from thread.

It’s the curve of a hand
releasing white balloons
from a bicycle ride in the wind.

It’s harmony.

It’s a precipice moth warning
frenzied dismay as the road
bends uncertain ahead.

It’s a black stallion
resting for breath.

*process notes*
This was written to my own prompt over at “We Write Poems”, where I’ve been invited to provide prompts for the month of October.
Please join us, if you are so inclined. The more the merrier(as they say). Thanks Neil and Irene.


8 responses to ““On the Cheek” We Write Poems #177 – The Road

  1. I enjoy reading these words and images… pulling silk from thread, the curve of a hand, It’s harmony,bends uncertain ahead and the last two line… wonderful.
    I wish I thought in (may be mislabeling) abstract. I feel I am too concrete and linear. I don’t know if that is something that can change or if it is part of a person. Anyway, this was a great read and poem for the prompt.

  2. nice…the second stanza…the curve of the hand releasing the balloons and that leading to harmony….very cool…like that much…the black stallion is a cool touch to accentuate it as well…

  3. ooo… here’s a new meaning astride “harmony”. 🙂 one of the shorter roller coasters I’ve ridden here. seems so calm at first, but then the pot gets stirred with a big spoon. there is a lot of movement without moving here. interesting how you did that Pamela. thanks!

  4. I was really intrigued by your poem. Well written and full of expectaions around the corner.>KB

  5. Gorgeous images, Pamela. What Neil said…the calm before the storm, or should it be the storm before the calm? That black stallion is just waiting to be off.

  6. Pamelita, as with so much of your poetry, graceful images abound. That curved hand… the white balloons. I feel so peaceful when I read your poetry (except when you are sometimes in a rowdy mood, hee hee).


  7. I am a bit shallow now, not so deep. Probably due to lack of sleep. But I can appreciate the images in this poem: they stand out so starkly, those white balloon and that black stallion against an azure sky. This is full of calm.


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