“Teddy Bear Dreams” dVerse Open Link #121

It starts with teddy bear dreams that never occur
when the pain won’t stop; it’s a constant stranger
gripping her chest, tightening the breath amongst
brittle arches of birch trees as she grasps some
comfort to inhale, not exiting the now.

It’s the ball tossed and never caught as ants
scatter pride in their march, layering tomorrow’s seeds
when day comes for new growth.

It’s balloons in the sky weeping pride with only a pyramid
in sight leaving screams in resistance, turning the air,
too chilled for her day.

She lays on the grass in a blue dress, twisting and twining
points in a dance she knows well.


13 responses to ““Teddy Bear Dreams” dVerse Open Link #121

  1. This poem is a small gem of language and imagery, faceted with glimpses to be held close. >KB

  2. Wow, the idea of teddy bear dreams speaks volumes, Pamela.

  3. Precious! I like this very much. Sweet Dreams 🙂

  4. Wow. This is wonderful! The imagery is outstanding! 🙂

  5. smiles..i like the last visual of her dancing just a bit in the grass…this feels a bit carefree to me…in a very good way pamela…which contrasts nice tot he feel of dreams never quite fulfilled, the ball dropped, opportunity slipping away…it may be a sad dance…but as long as she keeps dancing we are good…

  6. A treat as always, Pamela

  7. So many very concrete images here – very different, very dream-like.

  8. Wonderful and engmatic… love the contrast between softness and sharpness… in contrast it sparkles.

  9. Lovely images..teddy bear dreams…nicely done.

  10. The image of a balloon blowing toward the spire, doomed. I found a lot of angst in this poem, Pamelita, plus many disappointments. Even as she lies on the grass in her blue dress, it feels like submission rather than rest. My take, anyway. Brava! Amelita

  11. Pain and beauty here…loved this.

  12. sad..dreams that never occur, pain that chokes..nice imagery

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