“Of Clear Vestige” The Sunday Whirl #134

A woman perseveres
until the winter wheat
collects the darkness;
with casual grace she inherits
these conditions
inhabited full of serene blue,
thankful she speaks of clear vestige
and sacraments.

Her world
of warm embrace
or hardship
written in the eyes
with an inward smile.

This woman has known continuous light
and immense fatigue in the field that
hums cold winds through the years
of dignity tucked beneath her apron.


36 responses to ““Of Clear Vestige” The Sunday Whirl #134

  1. Gorgeous writing! “Years of dignity tucked beneath her apron” is spectacular!

  2. Pam, I really like this image you have created. Strong thoughts for strong character.

  3. that last stanza really carries this for me pamela….the knowing continuous light, the years of dignity…hope that wind is not too cold for her…smiles.

  4. Being from where I am…I imagine an Amish farmer’s wife out in the field.
    Though I am sure this wonderful piece can describe many folks in different farms.

  5. Yes, Jules, here it would be more of the corn fields, but my mind went with wheat fields, not sure why. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  6. Beautifully written. The opening completely captivates… and the end of the story — familiar.
    A woman perseveres
    until the winter wheat
    collects the darkness

  7. Nicely done Pamela. I saw a little sun-burnt woman under a worn-out hat, somewhere in the high Andes. Funny how we all saw one particular woman but our own version. I love it. 🙂

    • I was actually thinking of the women here and got sidetracked with wheat fields, go figure. That would be my muse always doing her own thing. Thanks, Veronica.

  8. Wow! I hate to be so trite, but there are not words to say, just how wonderful your piece is! I loved it!!!!

  9. Not trite, Annell. Simply a really nice comment and you made my day. Thank you.

  10. What a strong message..when you have a clear light and vision inside external hardships can be better tolerated..something to learn from..and beautifully and lucidly written..as ever..

    • I see many women like this here in Mexico. They have an unmistakable inner strength, that I believe comes from living a life of some hardship, yet they remain kind and gentle. Thank you for the thoughtful comment, Jae.

  11. A telling living portrait that is not just one woman, but something in every woman. Beautiful use of color here as well, Pamela.

  12. Beautiful writing, Pamela!

  13. You know, I think grace is casual. I like “inward smile.” I recognize her “immense fatigue.” Beautifully wordled.

  14. What a feast of words for us to savor that flowed with such ease into our understanding.

  15. I like the ‘eyes
    with an inward smile.’ , emotional poem.

  16. I too like the eyes with inward smile…know her, have met her in many others and always grateful for that experience. Beautiful Pamela, love the fluidity of your work, always have.


  17. What a wonderful piece of writing! The first couple of lines caught me, and never let go.

  18. I like the strength you have conveyed in this woman, even despite her hardships

  19. Tis a beautiful woman you’ve painted, Pamela. Lush writing.

  20. I love the sight of an open field….working hard for one’s food….

  21. She seems like a woman of substance…

    Here is my Sunday Swirl post:
    bridging the past with the future

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