“His Mirrored Image” The Sunday Whirl #135

She feels the knives raising questioning fingers,
she watches her friends laugh as she sets the house
on fire; it becomes her work in life.

Immortal fruit devours and broods as a snake
crawls into its nest of lower nature,
fragrant, yet uneven, like a carnation or
flaming poinsettias bursting on garden walls;
sorrow sinks her when she listens to music,
thinking of her lover; tomorrow she’ll say
that his body was hers.
That was enough to make her smile,
their extravagance was enough.

Now, autumn pains isolation
when she sees his mirrored image in the marsh,
a brief portrait and the languor of other years,
for her expression’s drowned in a pure line drawing.


10 responses to ““His Mirrored Image” The Sunday Whirl #135

  1. Each one better than the last! Love “autumn pains isolation.”

  2. very interesting tale….a walk through life a bit…it ends rather bitter sweet, though i do like the use of the line drawing….

  3. this love sounds like it may be best to have some time of autumn isolation to rethink – without any matches nearby!!

  4. magicalmysticalteacher

    There is an overwhelming sadness about this poem, so I take comfort in those “flaming poinsettias bursting on garden walls”—a sight I never fail to see when I travel to cities all over Mexico. (I still want to return to Puebla someday!)

    Whirling with Donald Hall

  5. So hard to find contentment in the ashes..such intensity and again wonderful grabbing of the senses (particularly scent) throughout this piece..almost like incense it carries so much weight and meaning..

  6. veronicabalfourpaul

    I loved the burning poinsettias…

  7. There is so much pain and loss in this piece especially as she tries to see the future without him.

  8. There is so much pain in this…touching…

    Here is my Sunday Swirl post:
    bridging the past with the future

  9. Every verse filled with passion, beauty and emotion. I like this alot. Sorry to have misses so much on your site. Being exhausted from work the last few months has me writing less and visiting less. Hopefully, the months to come will be better. Hope you are well.

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