“Touched by Its Nakedness” The Sunday Whirl #136

When a moment collides
there’s a wave caught in a gap;
you can never replace this time
because each one is made of
specific parts, it is unique.

You hear someone,
the beats of undoing,
their silence wandering
in lost nostalgia,
steps that beg
for capsizing contour,
gathering and ticking

The search is
new and delightful
while we sleep in the zodiac,
touched by its nakedness
in the condition of land without mystery
left in virtue, not brutalized by idleness or suffering.

It’s the woman on the corner folding her umbrella,
it’s the man at the bus stop,
it’s a friend’s touch or
a child’s smile and laughter,
a cycle created forever in motion


17 responses to ““Touched by Its Nakedness” The Sunday Whirl #136

  1. Hang on, my mind seized up in the first line: When a moment collides with what? (I stuggled a bit with a naked zodiac too – virgo?) Don’t worry, it’s been one of those weekends.

    • Not sure, J, but all moments collide upon each other. As for the zodiac, it is simply a point of reference for my writing. How confused are you now? lol. I surely am not worried.

  2. magicalmysticalteacher

    I am thankful for the woman on the corner folding her umbrella, for I can see her clearly, and I somehow know that she will be there day after day. How reassuring!

    Whirling with a Single Pancake

  3. I have a friend who used to call that a gap in the sacred hoop of time

  4. Now I am looking around..at the faces and place..now..in someways it is good that it will never come again..in other ways as you make it feel here..it is all a magical act of time and circumstance..

  5. while we sleep in the zodiac…i really like your turn of phrase in that pamela…that whole stanza is full…then the turn from the concept to put faces on them in the last…i like…

  6. This is an amazing poem!!!!

  7. Captivating first stanza followed by lots of color.

  8. I like how even the simple and ordinary sights can be unique as they will never happen again in the same way.

  9. Each moment is unique, oh that we could be more aware of that reality. Beautifully executed, as usual my friend,


  10. In the everyday moments, we see much beauty. I liked this!!

    let him grab the world

  11. There are so many moments to colour our lives and sadly so many unseen. Life is all about observing, feeling and loving the world. We should savour each second. How touching your writing is.

  12. This is wonderful…and to answer the first person who asked, when a moment collides with what…that’s the point isn’t it? It’s enigmatic and it’s supposed to be…very cool poem, I love it.


  13. Hi Pamela. I love how time stood still for me while reading this. Suddenly I was on the canals of Venice in a boat, rocking, stationary, looking toward the dock. Loved the feeling. 🙂

  14. Thanks for the lovely comments. I am on my way to visit you all. I have had a busy week and this is time for me to read some poetry.

  15. Beautiful, touching work, Pamela.

  16. Hi there Pamela – this my favourite of your recent ones – positively transcendental! Have a great Christmas! Scottie x

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