“To Lessen the Fall” The Sunday Whirl #137

Crisis hours die a broken apple,
insurmountable insight creates;
dawn restarts
and grows compact
as man’s unrest opens
new memory
hidden in transparent hands.

All parts are a fantasy of his being
in hours when prowess’s cry
resurrects the land like dulce autumn,
and facts lie hidden wet.

Perpetual phrase presents
short word on lips where
road doth travel, a border crossed in
issue exists lest these dreams unravel.


14 responses to ““To Lessen the Fall” The Sunday Whirl #137

  1. Very good. Reads like a protest song.

  2. sometimes some memory’s are better left closed – man might find better rest that way.

  3. The opening line is delectable..the dream like quality and puzzle of reality fit together like a perfect parachute fall..

  4. Nice description of wonderland. Nicely done!!!

  5. How memories can be near disasters. It certainly helps if steps are taken and the impact is reduced to acceptable proportions.Great write Pamelita!


  6. Can we ‘lessen the fall’ ? Not always…maybe we need it to learn the life lesson, to become stronger.

  7. all parts are a fantasy of his being….yes, we create taht world around us to insulate us from the reality that we face…i becomes a scary prospect….there is an interesting broken rhythm to this that worls really nicely pamela

  8. Your words deliver a strong message. Love that last stanza!

    I managed to write a poem this week. It’s been a long time. My brain’s a little rusty. 🙂

  9. Who would dare reveal the “facts hidden wet” when any attempt may obscure them for ever. What beautiful expressions you have created here.

  10. Several of the phrases in this are just stunning, pamela–I love the entire first stanza, with its sense of things just slightly twisted, broken, out of kilter, reshaped by change…also love the last lines of the middle stanza, and the abrupt definitive closure. Hope you had a weekend that made up for having to work Thanksgiving.

  11. Powerful words. I especially loved the first stanza. Indeed some memories are best left unremembered!

  12. Like “broken apple” and ” lest these dreams unravel” has a nice wrap to it.

  13. “lest these dreams unravel.” nice crisp ending

    much love…

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