“Wherever They Please” The Sunday Whirl #140

Clay wings don’t fly well in frost,
cracked they lie at her stumbled feet.
In time, she supposes, she’ll fly once more,
as the wind drives in unending frost.

Dawn is sinking ships,
her fire is streetlights,
she bows to her god’s betrayal.

Angels find cover wherever they please
on impulsed dimensions of fortunate greed
as circling promises crack at her feet;
in nude betrayal, sculpted in clay,
she vanishes thus in unending frost.


19 responses to ““Wherever They Please” The Sunday Whirl #140

  1. This is very sad. Do you get frost and snow in Mexico? Obviously the snow is not settling in your banner picture!

  2. Clay & frost makes an interesting pairing.

  3. Unending frost. Brrr!! Like the idea of broken, clay wings flying again.

  4. hope the frost melts away so she can fly soon!

  5. “As circling promises crack at her feet,” is a spectacular line. So many layers to this poem, Pamela! And it’s very sad.
    I can’t find Mr. Linky this morning. Here’s me:

  6. magicalmysticalteacher

    I have found that my own wings of clay don’t fly well at all—frost or no frost! 😉

    A Wordle Whiff of Christmas

  7. Interesting. It feels like there’s a form under there, just one I can’t find.

  8. Burrrr! I liked it! Merry Christmas!!!

  9. It’s lovely how this poem plays on the elements of nature so that there are almost three characters in this poem.

  10. wow. that middle stanza…it carries the key to this for me…the last line is a bit of magic when it comes to visuals…

  11. The images in the first stanza are intense…sad. I agree with Barbara on the feeling of form. I enjoy the sounds you play with, especially at the ends of your lines. Strong work, Pamela.

  12. Excellent play on the old saw, ‘feet of clay,’ making us reimagine ourselves as imperfect, frozen, earthbound..Fave line is ‘dawn sinks ships’ (!) I tried but couldn’t place if this was a form or just a well-structured rhymed/slant-rhymed piece–regardless, very put-together.

    Hope your Navidad is Muy Feliz, pamela.

  13. I remember some frosty mornings in Morelos! I like the way you use repition in that frosty line. Makes one reach for the fleece-lined jackets!

  14. Made me think of figureheads on the front of ships..guiding the way..weathering the worst of the sea..but overlooked..all alone up there

  15. There is so much sadness in this although she does hope to fly once more. This is something we should all aspire to…to soar again.

  16. A pity angels are affected by frost one of nature’s own. They should be able to accomplish more otherwise. Nicely Pamelita!

  17. ‘on impulsed dimensions of fortunate greed’ – I love this line!

  18. I’m glad ‘she’ll fly once more’ ~ inspiring!

  19. I’m with Jae on this one, similar thoughts floated through my mind as I read. Although sad, there is also hope here…Hoping your holidays are joyous,


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