“Sleep-listened Dreams” The Sunday Whirl #141

There once was this little lemon whose fate wasn’t all that great, he worried about being left alone, and his future did not bode well. His father before him had died alone, squeezed and pulverized, thus not appreciated much in the afterlife, but a nice flavoring in an Irish stew, which had been quite popular amongst the housewives in the neighborhood.

Spider echoes split intact as famine strokes bleak buzzard’s breast in symphonies of death-cloud resurrection. Although once there had been another dream, as lonesome lemons circled gravy dishes. Back in those days, spiced in moral decay, leveled by handsome maidens in bows, leveled in clear, fresh lemon groves.

Now this little lemon, after his father’s demise, had been shuttled between the moon and the light. He flew between being juice for a fish plate for Jesus, whom he had never followed, and knew that indeed he never would. For what had Jesus ever done for his little family, left alone to die in some char-covered napalm-gorged earth burnt forever, much like his soul?

So, this little lemon, without means, like so many of us, began to write his story. Not for publication or money, for he had no concept of such things, but perhaps for his children, as a warning or maybe a remembrance of whom he’d once been.

Perhaps they would read it some day.

And this little lemon, attended by no-one, sat alone finally with hope run away yet he harkened to music sublime in the twilight and rolled unto sleep-listened dreams gone astray.


12 responses to ““Sleep-listened Dreams” The Sunday Whirl #141

  1. The title alone squeezes me in..but I love this lemon..we can learn a lot from him..

  2. I like this lemon, writing for his children, alone yet with hope.


  3. How clever! Love this little story.

  4. This is a pretty amazing write about a little lemon…you always amaze me!! Merry Christmas….I am so jealous of the snow flakes.

  5. The life of a lemon – never gave it much thought until now! Enjoyed where the words too you!

  6. I love this little lemon!!

  7. wow what a story you have given him…and you know i have respect for one who writes to leave for the family as well….the opening line of that second para is a tongue twister…ha

  8. I love the image of lemon…and so sorry his father for being ‘ squeezed and pulverized’ ~ sounds normal when we talk about food, and how our reaction changes , when we see a human in the lemon…~ scary

  9. What an analogy we can picture of the lemons in our human world whose lives are squeezed by war and famine and greed, whose voices we rarely hear.

  10. It’s a great dream still for a lemon! Leaving something to guide the next generation is more than just an afterthought. It’s not of making money, yes but a legacy no less. A great prose Pamelita! A refreshing whiff of goodness from the mundane poems that others present. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


  11. Grins.
    And Happy Christmas.

  12. I am still smiling. Lovely. Merry Christmas and happy new year, Pamela.

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