“Expect” The Sunday Whirl #143

Children from rooftops call to the sky leaving behind
the mighty spectres who’ve not saved the light.
Only in dreams dressed and undressed
when the moment passes the day,

poverty chases a face on every corner at the edge of the sun
on these streets with broken eyes and laughter
with intact profiles when the moment happens
at the bottom of someone or something, it’s scarlet,

it looks missed as it comes and goes by roads
and tracks, a caress supports what is and what is not,
when the moment passes,

and the solution’s the smoke that leaves the highest bright
aqua that penetrates under us, love surprises
hidden under bridges or in a closed fist that opens
with whatever’s given time to this memory,
through springs and summers as a fruit and silent coral
always begin first.

12 responses to ““Expect” The Sunday Whirl #143

  1. two striking part to this for me…the poverty rampant at the edge of the light…and that love surprises us in where we find it…under a bridge or in a fist opening….

  2. Thanks, Brian. I am so sad. I am off to bed. I am tired. I will be round to read you all tomorrow. Thanks for your kind words. Sleep well.

  3. Some expectations are heavy to hold..hopefully there is always sun at the edges..hope the sleep helped

  4. As always I am amazed! Beautiful!

  5. If I had a balm to soothe you, it would be spreading its way to Mexico as I type, Pamela. This poem is beautiful, and I can feel your sadness seeping through the words. May love’s memory cover you and continue to sprout through many tomorrows.

  6. I like the smoke and the aqua! And love under the bridge and in an opening palm.

  7. “a caress supports what is and what is not” ~ a beautiful line, a loving caress, gentle touch can help when needed. (From the comments, I hope that you are okay. )

  8. This poem reminded me of Joni Mitchell’s Songs to Aging Children Come (this is one)…painfully sad…. beautifully penned.

  9. Hi everyone, I will be around to visit tomorrow. I am just too exhausted, especially with the sedative the doctor gave me. See you fine folk in the morning,


  10. “Love surprises hidden under bridges” gave this sad poem some hope as we all wish you a brighter day tomorrow.

  11. Love is everywhere. This is wonderful, Pamela… the 2nd stanza especially powerful.

  12. Sending you hugs and strength.

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